Paris Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2014

Here’s the piece you’ve all been waiting for: the Paris 2014 Fall Fashion Week. We saw a whole bunch of very interesting, and some very unusual, hairstyles at the Paris shows. Given that the Paris Fashion Week A/W 2014 began right after the Oscars, we saw a bunch of celebrities heading over the very next day to attend the last leg of this year’s Fall shows. Here’s my list of the best looks from the Paris Fall 2014 Fashion Week. While some of the styles are great for everyday wear, others are better suited for when you want to make a splash! Take your pick: Alexander McQueen

The models at the Alexander McQueen show wore their hair in circular cornrows all around the head, with the first braid on either side hanging loose and straight beneath the ears. Now, I understand that this clearly isn’t an everyday look, and it might be a little difficult to work even on the best of days, but I couldn’t help but admire the style. The thing with the Fashion Weeks is that after a while, you start to see patterns and trends repeating, and while that might act as a great forecast for the coming year, it’s just so exciting to see something different on the runway. I’m loving this “beehive braid” effect simply because it’s unusual, it’s bold and it’s braided! What’s not to love? If you ever feel like doing something jaw-droppingly different with your look, take a cue out of the Alexander McQueen Fall 2014 show!

Alexis Mabille


The gently curling, loose waves at the Alexis Mabille show were nothing new but it’s a classic look for all ages and features and one that I can’t recommend enough. There’s nothing as attractive as sleek, shiny, healthy hair that’s been styled simply. The best part about the look is that it’s more about playing up your natural hairdo than actually styling your hair to look different. If you’ve got naturally wavy hair all you need to do is make sure it’s healthy and that you use quality hair products. If you’ve got pin-straight hair, you might have to use a curling wand or even large foam rollers to add a few waves to your hair. A straight middle part is equal parts subtle and striking and makes for a great everyday look.

Elie Saab

The hairstyle at the Elie Saab show was a straightened version of the previous look: shiny, sleek hair parted down the middle and allowed to fall as naturally as possible. The best part about hairstyles like this is that they are not only effortless (for the most part) but they also help to play up your natural features. With such hairstyles, your facial features and any makeup, jewellery, fashion trend you might be sporting is the centre of the look and not the hairstyle itself. So, if you’re looking for a subtle hairdo that allows you to emphasise other parts of your look, this might be just the thing for you.


The models at the Givenchy Paris Fall 2014 show wore their hair parted slightly off the middle and styled into small, tight braids at the back. The good old plait can be quite attractive if it’s done right. My tip for this classic style? Make sure you use a transparent elastic to fasten the plait: the plain black or coloured ties end up distracting from the clean, natural lines of the style.

Iris Van Herpen

The hairstyles at the Iris Van Herpen are definitely not an everyday look. With pulled back and twisted rolls, layered sections and looped braids at the back, this is a daring and edgy look best reserved for a themed event or a day when you want a look that’s slightly tougher than your everyday hairstyle. I’ve included it here in this list because it was really striking, and looked rather interesting especially at the front, with the twists creating slight cat ear-like raises going all the way back.

Issey Miyake


At first, when you take a look at the models from the Issey Miyake Fall 2014 Fashion Week, you’re going to be struck by the slick, separated sculpting of the hair at the front. There are many ways of achieving this style, right from using a styling gel and creating tiny “walls” or rows of hair using the tailend of a rattail comb to the much easier option of just pulling on a metal hairband with grooves to give you that cornrow effect. However, whether or not you want to style your crown this way is up to you, because the actual appeal of the hairstyle is in the bun at the back!

The thick, coiled and roped buns are absolutely gorgeous. Just take a look at the photo of the style from the back and tell me if it isn’t to die for! And the best part is, it’s quite easy to pull off, provided your hair is clean and brushed free of any tangles. You only need to gather all your hair at the nape of your neck and start twisting it in on yourself to give it the rope-like look. Then start placing the hair on your head in coils, twisting as you go along in an outer-to-inner circular motion. Keep adding bobby pins to make sure that the coils stay in place and add some hairspray once you’re done.

John Galliano

John Galliano’s models wore their hair straight, loose and down the back. The fairly simple look was dressed up by parting the hair to one side, pulling it low over the forehead and tucking it in behind one ear. It’s an easy look and it’s especially great for those of you with fine hair that won’t get frizzy or voluminous through the course of the day.

I hope all my readers have enjoyed the Fashion Weeks every bit as much as I have. I’ll be back soon with more great pieces on hair styling and care. See you soon!