Pastel & Rainbow Hair Color Trend

Unless you’ve been living under a rock- a dull, grey rock at that- these past few months, there is absolutely no way you wouldn’t have noticed the rainbow hair colour trend that’s been taking the world by storm. And it’s not even a very new trend- we’ve been seen celebrities experiment with pastel colours and venturing into daring, jewel tones for the better part of the last six months. And I, for one, have been loving every minute of it! While most of my clients prefer to go darker during the winter months, summer is the time to lighten up and experiment with flirty, frisky trends. If you’re looking to switch things up for the coming months, take a cue out of the following fashionistas’ style diaries. Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung’s milkmaid braids here are adorable, but it’s really the rainbow accents that steal the show. I love how the colouring is subtle and pretty and how well it merges into her base hair colour. At first glance, it really does look like rainbow reflections in a clear puddle. Another great thing about this particular take on the rainbow trend is that it clearly shows you can have fun with colours in dark hair too.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato’s made quite a splash in the fashion world with her ever-changing hair colour. Not one to shy away from striking statements and bold style choices, Demi’s locks have been pioneering one hair trend after another. The great thing about her blue do here is that it isn’t a single, flat shade. While blue can be quite a lovely colour all by itself, Demi’s adding some major pizzazz to the look by blending a number of different hues. From a deep teal to a more purplish indigo, this one’s going to leave you feeling anything but blue!

Demi Lovato

If the blue wasn’t really to your liking, Demi shows off a girlier, flirtier side here with a stunning deep berry-pink hue. Pink’s been one of the most popular colour choices over the past year and Demi’s one of many celebs to opt for this darling colour. However, where most people have chosen to go pastel with soft, baby pink hair Demi’s rocking a rather spirited hue. It rather reminds of a full-bodied rosé wine- decadent and divine.

Ireland Baldwin

Purple’s been another celebrity favourite and Ireland Baldwin’s lovely lavender locks offset her lighter tips wonderfully. Now, purple’s typically not a hair colour most people can carry off and these pastel shades are better suited to fair-skinned people. If you’re a more olive or honey tone and you want to play around with this majestic colour, I’d recommend going in for deeper, darker shades of purple.

Katy Perry

Think coloured hair; think Katy Perry. The songstress is no stranger to experimenting with her look and we’ve seen her in all kinds of hair colours, ranging from a bubblegum pink to this fusion of shimmery, mermaid hues. From a dazzling sapphire to a rich violet, Katy’s take on the rainbow trend is nothing short of mesmerising.


Combining two of the year’s hottest colour trends- pastels and rainbow hues- Ke$ha shows us that outré looks can also be feminine and flirty. Needless to say, this isn’t really a long-term style and you’re probably going to tire of it within a couple of months but with summer around the corner, it’s time to live a little! If you’ve got light hair you can always start out small and bring back last year’s chalking trend. If you’re feeling frisky and you can’t pick any one pastel/ rainbow-inspired hue make like Ke$ha and try them all.

Nicole Richie

The lavender-lilac tones have been extremely popular with celebrities. You probably remember Kelly Osbourne’s wooing the world with her daring purple locks- a change that worked wonders both for her look and her public persona. Sometimes taking a risk is really all you need to do in order to shed your old self and embrace the person you’re meant to be. Nicole Richie’s all-over purple colour is refreshing and exciting and she’s a great example of going crazy with colour while also looking graceful and elegant. Who would’ve thought a sleek bun could look so good in purple hair!