Keira Knightley At Laggies Premiere At The Toronto International Film Festival 2014

Hi everyone! I had a fantastic time working with Keira Knightley for her appearance for the Laggies premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival 2014. We went for a sophisticated, low ponytail. If you have been following the festival- and I’m hoping you have because we have seen such a fantastic lot of styling on this year- you probably already know about Ms. Knightley’s run-in with the rather inclement weather. What I love about all the photos from the event is that you can really see her personality shining through: despite the crazy winds she was smiling and having such a good time on the Red Carpet. I’ve never seen anyone look so graceful and well styled when they are, quite literally, being blown away! Keira has such a lovely, warm personality and working with her was an absolute joy.

If you enjoyed the look and would like to give it a whirl, read the following steps to learn how to recreate it at home.


#KeiraKnightley #Laggies #premier #hairby #saschabreuer

#KeiraKnightley #hairby #saschabreuer


#KeiraKnightley #hairby #saschabreuer


  1. Spray your damp hair with a volumizing spray and rough-dry it. If you're working with day-old hair, spritz it with some salt spray and scrunch as you blast hair with a blow-dryer for a minute to bulk up the texture.
  2. Once the hair is completely dry, back-comb the roots of your hair from the crown area all the way down at the back of your head down to the hairline and just gently smooth the outer surface with a brush ( I love the Braun satin hair brush for this as it smoothens out any static frizz )
  3. Create a low sitting side parting.
  4. Spray with a light-hold hair spray, such as Wellaflex for flexible but firm hold.
  5. Using your fingers, gently rake hair straight back and gather it loosely at the bottom of your nape, near your hairline. Secure with an anti snap elastic. Brushing it back can look rigid and can make hair more susceptible to parting on its own later. Loosen a few pieces from the front and sides for a relaxed, undone vibe.
  6. Wrap individual sections of the tail around the barrel of a two-inch curling iron without using the clamp. Hold it for just a few seconds to give hair a bend.
  7. With your fingers, rough up any sections that need a little roughing up to make the style feel easy and relaxed. Mist with that same flexible hold hair spray.
  8.  Give the ponytail a finished look by tying a one-inch strip of velvet ribbon around the elastic.