Best Hair Seen At London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Enjoying the Fashion Weeks? So, the London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 just wrapped up and while the jury is still out about the clothes and fashions themselves, we did see quite a few interesting hairstyles. I did note that this year we did not see any particularly unique or striking hairstyles- who knows, we’ve still got Milan and Paris to look forward to- so if you were hoping to be surprised then the London fashion shows probably did not live up to that expectation. However, we did see some nice haircuts, wearable styles and a couple of looks I am sure you can’t wait to try. I am really looking forward to see what Milan has in store for us in terms of styling and fashion trends for the coming year. But before we turn to the Milan shows, here are my picks of the best hair looks from the London Spring Summer 2015 shows.

Burberry Prorsum

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Texture was the central styling element at the Burberry Prorsum show. The models’ hair was all about wavy, tousled texture and natural parting. The ends were tucked into the collars, but you can just wear it loose as well. This is a very easy, very natural style to sport and it might look like you’ve made no effort at all but that is the secret to the whole look: it’s about beauty and fashion that doesn’t try too hard, that just is. You would be surprised to learn that most of these natural, seemingly un-styled bed-head looks often use just as many styling tools and products, and just as much time and effort, as the more obviously styled ones. The one relaxation is that you don’t have to worry about getting the look perfect because the imperfect, almost unkempt vibe is the USP of the whole thing.

To get this look at home you should start with freshly washed hair. When it’s about 70% dry take a styling product like hair mousse and gently work it into your hair. Scrunch your hair as you go along to boost its natural grain and add some waves to it. If you have very straight hair you might need to use a curling iron or foam rollers to add waves to the look. If you do use a styling tool remember to run your fingers through the curls to break them up and make them look more organic. If you have naturally wavy hair you just need to play up the natural texture of your hair. You can spritz a sea salt spray for some graininess as well. Once you have achieved the desired texture and shape just run your fingers through your hair and let it fall naturally. You can create a parting if you like or just let one take shape of its own accord.

You can wear this style loose or keep the fronts open over the shoulders and tuck the back into a low messy bun or a ponytail. If you’re expecting high humidity or moisture and you want the look to hold just use a smidgen of hairspray before you step out.

Holly Fulton

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I love a dressed up ponytail: it is easy to achieve and nobody’s really expecting it, so it’s a fun way to play around with simple styles. The ponytails at the Holly Fulton London Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Week made for one of those hair trends that just about anyone can master in minutes, whether you have been styling for years or are just starting out. It’s a nice, neat ponytail with some accents.

Here’s how you style it: like a regular ponytail but before you begin, leave an inch-wide section loose at the front on either side. You can make this work with a middle part or by brushing your hair back and covering the part up, as you like. I recommend working with straight, smooth hair to be able to really emphasize the ponytail accent. It can work in curly or wavy hair but you’re more likely to lose the effect that way. Leave the two sections at the front lose and secure your hair into a regular ponytail. Work slowly because this look is about an understated, minimalistic style and we need it to be really smooth and perfect so that nothing detracts from it. When you’re happy with the way your hair looks get ready to arrange the two sections from the front. Pick each section and gently take it towards the back, keeping with the natural lines of your head. You should carefully wind each section around the base of the ponytail. Once you’re done wrapping each section, tuck the ends away into the ponytail and secure with bobby pins. The two sections will create a looped V around the ponytail and instantly glam up an everyday hairstyle. Smooth away any flyaways and use a little shine boosting serum to make your hair look glossy.

Jean Pierre Braganza

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For most people who are new to styling one of the most difficult parts about getting a look right is getting the texture right. Combing, arranging and securing hair isn’t always as complicated as getting the grain and body and shape of the hair perfect for the look. Which is why it is always a delight to work with textures that are easy and can be achieved by just about anybody. When you have the base right, it is only a matter of sectioning and placing hair properly. That’s why this particular look is going to be one that even beginners can attempt without fear. All you need to do is work with smooth, straight hair.

You can get your hair ready with a flat iron or by blow-drying it. The next step is to create a deep side part and pull your hair low across the front on one side, creating the impression of side bangs. Tuck away hair on both sides behind the ears, leaving an inch-wide section out in front of the ears. This creates nice geometric lines in the hair and is a great trick for lazy days when you don’t want to spend a tonne of time styling your hair. You can either wear all the hair pulled over the shoulders to the front or leave some of it to hang loose at the back. The really neat thing about this hairstyle is that it draws attention to the face and emphasizes the eyes and cheekbones, so you can get ready for all the compliments coming your way.


#Osman #LFW #SS2015

There were a couple of different hairstyles and cuts at the Osman show but it was this particular haircut that caught my eye. If you want to cut your hair short for the warmer months, this will make for a wonderful statement. It’s short enough to be cool, comfortable and breezy but delicate enough to be feminine. I love the wispy bangs at the front and the soft layers. Another point in favour of this particular hairstyle is that it is one of those few short haircuts that have a truly universal appeal and will look good on most shapes and features and on people across a spectrum of age groups.

Pringle Of Scotland

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No Fashion Week is complete without at least one designer or brand opting for the wet-look, slicked back style. It’s become almost ritualistic but thankfully it is a style that never really gets boring. Since it is not one of those styles that a lot of people wear, or often, it always makes for an interesting addition to any look. Before we begin on styling steps, a word to the wise: you can wear this style in medium length or longer hair but it really does work best with hair that’s around shoulder length or a little shorter. I’ve mentioned this before, it’s a sharp, edgy look and it is easier to achiever with shorter lengths. You can get the same effect around the crown with a longer length but you will have to work extra to make sure that the rest of your hair keeps with the slick, severe structure and that gets tougher if you have more length and volume to work with. You’ve probably seen a variation of this style on the Kardashians; they’re known to wear their hair slicked back and long so you might want to try it with a little more volume on the top and some really strong holding spray.

Achieving the look itself is pretty straightforward. You want really smooth hair so blow-dry your washed hair and use a flat iron to get that really perfectly straight texture. With a dollop of styling mousse or gel begin combing back your hair. Make sure you don’t leave anything loose at the front. Use a fine-toothed comb to get your hair to lay really flat on the head. You can slick your hair back as far as you’d like: to the middle of your head where you usually knot your bun or right down to the nape, depending on how structured you want the style to look. For the wet-look sheen rub a few drops of oil or shine serum on your palms and carefully pat your hair. Add some hairspray and you’re done.

Tom Ford

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The styling at the Tom Ford Spring Summer 2015 show is without a doubt the most talked about from the London Fashion Week. In an industry of extraordinarily gifted and creative people, Tom Ford is perhaps the most so of the lot. Few other designers and brands can claim the instant recognisability that Tom Ford’s creations always hold. Tom Ford is in a league of his own, and when he shows a collection it’s usually so different it shocks first, and then inevitably awes later.

His shows are always inspiring, and this year was no different. The makeup was spot-on, with very heavy, grunge-y smokey eyes and nude lips and the hair was styled to compliment the look. The look is all about sexy, edgy glamour- it’s almost a bit messy and a bit dirty but in a way that just amps up the oomph. The layered, tousled shaggy cuts are all about effortless sex appeal and rock chic glamour. There’s something so quintessentially 70s about the hairstyles you can’t help but be reminded of the golden days of Rock n’ Roll.  This haircut is in your face, it is audacious and it is unapologetic and in my opinion, it is a stroke of genius. If you’re looking to vamp up your style quotient you cannot go bigger or bolder than this.

Vivienne Westwood

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Vivienne Westwood has always been something of a fashion rebel- a fact you could not have missed even if you were determined to do so! We’re talking about mud-splattered faces and graphic moustaches drawn on the models faces. And as far as the hairstyles go, there was an equally unique set of looks: some cute and quickly and others downright crazy. But it was all fun and I really enjoyed the show. I’ve picked my favourite hairstyle from the Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 2015 show and it’s a ponytail that’s unique enough to be really eye-catching but regular enough to be wearable.

The two main elements of this style are volume and waves. You can style this into two ponytails (like pigtails, only without the plaits) or wear it as a single voluminous ponytail for a more sophisticated effect. The ponytail section was all about shiny, big waves that you can easily achieve at home with a large-barrelled curling wand or leave-in rollers. The top half is defined by messy volume, and set off by an almost pompadour-like pouf at the front. With a volumising product or some dry shampoo at the roots and some backcombing you can decide just how big you want to go. Since the look is again supposed to be quirky and effortless, don’t worry about trying to get the crown smooth and sleek. Embrace the flyaways and if you want to add some interest to the look, focus on getting the wavy bottom half sleek and smooth. The dichotomy between the two sections will add some more drama to a very wearable style.

That is it for my favourites from the London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015. Let me know which styles you liked the most and which ones you plan to try out in the coming months. Watch this space for trends and tips from the Milan Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Week.