Hair-Raising Styles For Halloween!

If you’re looking forward to Halloween this year and you want to take your look up a notch or two, you’ve come to the right place. It’s great if you have your witch’s hat or vampire fangs in place, but no look is complete without the right hairstyle. It is the one night of the year where you can go totally all-out with your look and still fit right in. Whether you are going as the sexy undead cheerleader, the vintage vixen or the elegant Grecian queen, getting the hair right can make all the difference to your costume. I’ve put together a list of some of the most loved and requested Halloween hairstyles. From flirty, feminine looks to vampy, undead glamour we’ve got a bunch of really fun options to choose from.

The Zombie

Now, you can’t talk of Halloween without at least one mention of zombies. Halloween without zombies? Preposterous! Whether you’re going as your run-of-the-mill zombie or a seriously ticked-off zombie bride, styling your hair right is the key to getting the look perfect. You may think zombies are too busy being dead to care about their locks but that distinctive just-out-of-grave look is a labour of love.

Begin with second-day hair. We want a lot of volume and texture and the best way to achieve it is to work with hair that has gone at least a day without being washed. Brush your hair out before you begin: we don’t want any knots and tangles getting in the way. You should be able to work with your natural texture but if your hair is super curly or wavy I suggest straightening it with a flat iron first. Do bear in mind though that this look is all about messy, crazy volume so if you’re brushing your hair out or straightening it your hair might get too soft and smooth for that graveyard glamour. If that does happen, be patient and invest some extra time and extra product on the look and you’ll still get great results.

Liberally sprinkle baby powder or dry shampoo at the roots and begin teasing your hair with a rattail comb. Don’t hold yourself back: the bigger, the better. You should be teasing from the roots to the ends and make sure you don’t comb over any of the backcombed portions because you’ll only end up with limp and tangled hair. You can work in any direction you like and just let the hair shape up (and out!) naturally as you tease.

Once you’re satisfied with the volume add a bit of hairspray. Then flip your hair upside down and spray it with a generous amount of hairspray again. This will create even more lift in the hair and the spray will make sure it holds throughout the day. Keep your head bent for a couple of seconds to let the hair set and then flip back over.

There are a couple of ways you can wear your teased-out hair. You could wear it loose and sticking out all over the place or you could draw it into a voluminous high ponytail or even a far-out big beehive (for the retro-loving zombies!).

Princess Jasmine

If the scary, back-from-the-grave look isn’t your style, here is a pretty one for you. With her charm, independent and fun personality, Jasmine is often celebrated as one of the atypical Disney princesses that kicked butt and looked good doing it. Princess Jasmine from Aladdin continues to be one of the most loved Disney princesses of all time, and whether it’s the sky blue costume or the Arabic makeup that helped you make the decision this is a fabulous way to go for a more delicate take on Halloween.

For Princess Jasmine’s hair you are going to be creating what is essentially known as a bubble braid. This is a fantastic (and simple) look for Halloween but it’s also something you can wear on a regular day or to an event for when you feel like dressing up and ditching the plain old ponytail.

This is a hairstyle that’s best worn in long hair, at least waist-length, so if you don’t have that kind of length naturally the first step would be to get extensions. If you have dark hair naturally, you just need extensions in the same colour. If you have lighter hair you’ll have to choose between a hairpiece and a temporary dye and you can get extensions in the darker colour or just dye your regular extensions. Begin by affixing the extensions and brushing all the hair to make sure the extensions blend in with your own hair and there are no tangles.

You can style the crown any way that you like. You can brush it back or part it in the middle or add some volume at the front before brushing it to the back. If you want to create Jasmine’s hairstyle perfectly, here’s what you do. Create a small two to three inch part at the centre and divide your hair into two sections at the front, one going down each side over the ears and joining the rest of the hair down the back. We want these two sections to swoop down and over the ears so that they frame the face. The hair behind this section should be teased for some volume at the crown and swept back. Gather all the hair together towards the back.

The bubble braid itself is super simple to style. Secure your hair in a ponytail at a height you’re comfortable with. Then add another clear elastic in your hair a couple of inches from the base of your ponytail. Repeat this step every two to three inches, creating small sections or “bubbles” in the ponytail. Stop a few inches above the ends. For the best effect you should have at least five to six of these “bubbles” in your ponytail. Once they’re in place just gently tug on each bubble to give it some volume and shape and make it a little fluffier. Be careful not to tug too hard.

To dress up the braid you can use sparkly elastics or ribbons to cover the clear elastic bands. As a finishing touch, you should also add a hair accessory right behind the middle part we created in the first step. This will divide the parted and swooped sections from the bump at the crown. You can use a thick, flat ribbon or a sparkly headband or even hair chains.

The Corpse Bride

We’ve all heard of bridezillas but this little lady takes the scare factor to a whole other level. If the straight, spooky volume of the zombies isn’t quite your thing and you want some texture and spunk in your look, try this one on for size. We’re working with messy volume and texture again so second-day hair is great for this look as well.

Brush out your hair to make sure it’s free of tangles and then add some volumising product (a dry shampoo or some baby powder) at the roots and gently run your fingers through your hair. We don’t want the kind of volume that comes with teasing but we do want to enhance the natural grain of the hair. Flip your hair over a couple of times to get some natural lift.

Divide your hair into several small sections. Working in sections will make it easier on you to achieve a uniform look on the whole. What we’re doing is pretty simple: the top (crown) and the ends need to be super straight while the middle should be crimped.

So, take a flat iron and straight out a few inches at the top and a few inches at the bottom (depending upon the length of your hair) of each section. Then, take a crimper and crimp the middle portions of each section. Repeat this step with every section.

If you find that straightening the roots makes your hair look too sleek or takes away the volume you can use a rattail comb to tease the roots for additional messy volume at the crown. Just remember not to touch the crimped sections because we don’t want to end up loosing the crimp.

Add some hairspray, maybe a tattered veil and you’re all done. Go find your (terrified) groom!

Grecian Queen

Even though Halloween looks are traditionally supposed to be scary and spooky, a lot of women love the Grecian Queen costume. Whether it’s the flowing white gowns or the golden leaf headbands, there is something eternally elegant about this particular costume. If you want to rock some royal oomph this Halloween, here’s how you go about it.

We’re switching things up around here and working with freshly washed and dried hair. This is a soft, feminine hairstyle and it looks best in wavy hair so once your hair is dry using curling tongs to add loose waves to your hair. If you have the time you can also use foam rollers overnight to curl your hair. Run your fingers through your hair to loosen up the curls a bit before you begin styling.

Separate two sections at the front and let them hang loose. Secure the rest of your hair into a ponytail at the back. A couple of inches down the ponytail add a clear elastic band. Then lift up the hair below this point and pin it onto your head. The section between the base of the ponytail and the second elastic will create a looped bump that will act as the base of your updo. When you pin and pile the rest of your ponytail atop your head the curls will spill over and create the rest of the updo. You can arrange and pin the curls onto your crown to create a more defined shape if you like. Then take the two sections we left loose at the front, backcomb them at the roots and while creating a soft pouf at the front, sweep them up and over to the back and pin them in place, blending them in with the curls. Your curly updo is complete. Add some hairspray to hold the style in place.

Now comes the fun part: dressing up the hairdo and giving it the Grecian touch. The distinctive element of the Grecian updo is always in the accessorising. You can use a lace ribbon or a rhinestone chain and wrap it around your head twice, and pin it into place. When wrapping, leave about an inch of space between the two bands. You can also use a double-layered headband for the look or an antique-looking gold leaf Grecian headband if you can get your hands on one.

That’s it for the Halloween hair folks. I hope you like the styles and they’re useful come 31st. Let me know which one you used and how you dressed it up. Have fun, stay stylish and scary! Boo!