Go Grey! The Granny Hair Colour Trend That’s So Hot Right Now

  Yep, you read that right. The granny hair colour trend. Did that phrase just conjure up an image of old-timey bloomers and all things sweet, but definitely not sexy? Well, you’re in for a surprise.


#greyhair #greytrend #grannyhair #2015haircolor #grey #2015trends

#greyhair #greytrend #grannyhair #2015haircolor #grey #haircolortrends

#greyhair #greytrend #grannyhair #2015haircolor #grey #2015trends #2015hair

It’s sexy, it’s edgy and it’s unbelievably chic right now. If you’ve looked at photos of suave gentlemen and wondered why women don’t get to be ‘silver foxes’, ladies here’s your chance. This season’s hottest hue is… grey!

Now, if you haven’t seen all the buzz about the granny hair trend, as it’s been dubbed, you might be a wee bit confused. How could grey hair possibly be a good thing? Shouldn’t we all be running to cover greys, instead of actually opting in to go grey? Isn’t grey the antithesis of fashionable? Nope, because we are not talking about a dull, lifeless, colourless grey. We’re talking a powerful, luminous shade that’s all about celebrating life and edginess and personal style.

If you’re naturally grey or greying, it’s your time to shine. All around the world more and more young women are choosing to go grey because it’s such a fabulously foxy trend. It’s strong, it’s bold and it’s cheeky. You could opt for a complete wash of silver or choose gradients ranging between various shades of granite and pale moonlight.

There are just so many reasons to love 2015’s hottest hair colour trend.

For starters, it’s surprisingly sexy. And when it comes to playing with style, the unexpected is always so much fun.

Secondly, it’s such an unapologetically bold statement that it takes a lot of confidence- but also gives you heaps more in return! And something that’s so visibly arresting is more than just a visual treat: it adds dimensions to your personality as well.

Most conventional hair colouring wisdom dictates choosing colours that complement your skin tone. Now, grey is about as natural and universal as they get. But, at the same time, when you choose to go grey you’re clearly breaking from tradition and you’re not looking for a colour that lets you blend in. So, in one fell swoop (or stroke of your colourist’s hand) you’re getting the best of both worlds when it comes to hair colour trends.

Also, the hue wears well as of itself- whether you choose for a solid wash of single colour, a gradient or a grey ombre (grombre?!)- and it’s absolutely fabulous with other colours. You could throw in a pop of pastel like lavender or a pale peach or a pink and combine two of 2015’s biggest colour trends: grey and rainbow pastel hair!

Grey is a truly inspired choice if you love styling your hair: especially if you like braids. Even a single solid dye will lend way more depth and tonality to your hair and will make the most intricate styles pop!

I love the granny hair trend because it’s taking so many false standards of beauty and style rules and turning them on their head. For years women have rushed to colour their hair at the first sign of grey. See, I’m all for colouring and doing anything that makes you feel beautiful- but only because you want to. If you love your natural hair colour and it’s greying, stick to it and own it!

The grey hair trend shows us how something that’s been such a big no-no all these years can suddenly be considered the epitome of beauty and daring. In some ways, it goes to show just how transient beauty rules are: which is why I’m always telling my readers to have fun and set their own rules.

Don’t be ashamed of your grey: it was beautiful before it was fashionable, and it’ll be beautiful even if the trend peters out.