Hair Color Trends For Autumn Winter 2016-2017


One of my absolute favorite things to do is trend forecasting: analyzing patterns, predicting the next wave of fashion and then piecing it all together with some classic styling wisdom. And it really doesn’t get more fun (and I like to think useful) than putting together a look book or trends list for prospective trends for the coming season.

So, while we’re only just warming up to summer 2016, I’m already excited about what fall 2016/ winter 2017 is going to bring us in terms of hair color trends. If you like to plan ahead and can’t wait to get a head start on autumn winter 2016-2017 hair color trends, you’re in the right place. My money is on the following five hair color trends making it really big this winter.

Cuivre Red


Some variant of the red hair color trend or the other is always featured on my autumn/ winter color trends list (and on most others) and I must admit, like so many people, I love a striking red. We’ve seen a lot of interesting takes on the red hair color trend over the past few seasons, ranging from spicy cinnamon to magnificent mahogany- and they’re all stunning. For autumn/ winter 2016-2017, the ‘cuivre’ red hair color is all set to become the major red of the year.

Derived from the French word for ‘copper,’ this is a red that’s an intoxicating blend of red, bronze, gold- there’s an interplay of orange and brown with an amped up sheen that’s instantly noticeable. It’s a sharp, strong and shiny take on as true a red as you can get within the ‘natural hair colors’ spectrum. 

Dimensional Platinum

The platinum trend is another one that makes its way onto just about every ‘winter hair color trends’ list that there is and it’s easy to see why. As a hair color, platinum is bold, sexy and makes for a strong statement. And since it’s almost customary to go deeper and darker for the winter months, platinum is always a hit with those who enjoy trends but also want to stand apart from the crowd.

Now that we’ve seen the platinum trend top the charts almost every year come fall, it was time for a change- and with the dimensional platinum hair color trend we get just that. What’s dimensional platinum, you ask? Think platinum blonde hair, but with more tonality and layers. We’re adding more life and movement to the traditional platinum blonde by introducing differentiated (think warmer) layers to a color that’s traditionally a flat wash.

What makes the dimensional platinum trend such a great look is that it’s more forgiving and softer than traditional platinum blonde, which makes it a more universal trend. It’s a subtler take on a very strong trend and it’s so pretty: the hair radiates a completely different shade of gold as you your angle or the light changes- like white gold on fire.

Ecaille/ Tortoiseshell Blends

If you secretly still love the ombré trend but know it’s not old enough to be new again, the ecaille blend/ tortoiseshell hair color trend is going to make you happy. It’s basically a much softer, more toned down version of the ombré concept. We work with a lot of different shades in the golden/ brown families and layer them together naturally in a way that the end result is totally organic. Your stylist will use a minimum of three related hues and blend them together such that they flow seamlessly; that’s what sets the tortoiseshell/ ecaille blend apart from your traditional ombré: the transition is so subtle you can’t see where the color shifts but the overall effect is one of fluidity and gradient. Where the ombré goes from pointedly dark roots to obviously light ends, the ecaille is a smooth fade-out. And if that description isn’t enough, consider this: the coloring technique adds body and movement to the hair, making it look more voluminous- so if you’ve got thin hair and want it to look fuller, the ecaille coloring technique can be your one-stop solution for thicker, trendier hair.

Smoky Blonde

When we’re talking about hair color trends for fall/ winter, we don’t normally think of blonde tones and other lighter hues. In fact, platinum blonde is usually the only ‘light’ shade that’s deemed acceptable for the winter months. However, for those of you who enjoy wearing your hair light, there’s some good news for autumn/ winter 2016 blonde hair color trends: the smoky blonde is here!

The smoky blonde is a blonde hair color that’s a little bit more muted, slightly deeper in mood but not in hue, which makes it the perfect light hair color for winter. We’re talking blonde tones that fall between sandy gold and caramel creams- the base is clearly a buttery blonde but with an ever-so-subtle greige cast that darkens the mood up a bit.

Woodsy Brunette

If you’re looking for a wintery hair color that’s season-appropriate but also a classic (and just a little bit more ‘regular’ than the others in this list) I do recommend looking into deep, woodsy browns. Think chestnut undertones washed over with deeper ebony hues.

Woodsy brown hair colors can be tweaked to play well to your skin tone –and undertones– and that’s what makes them a great choice. Even the more conventional variants are universally flattering and are especially wonderful on olive skin tones. Brunette shades are usually easier to manage in terms of maintenance and touch-ups, but like all other hues, look best when they’re well cared for. Browns are a more traditional choice when it comes to hair colors for winter, but that’s no reason to give them a miss: it is an oldie but a goodie!

Let me know which hair color(s) you’ll be sporting come winter. Remember, with the right hair care routine and a great stylist, you can keep your hair looking red carpet-ready all year round.