Best Hairstyles From The 2018 Oscars

The Oscars. Cinema & Fashion’s biggest night.

And what a night it was. With the focus on important conversations about gender equality, representation and all-round inclusivity dominating global discourse these past few months, we’ve seen an exciting exchange between fashion and cause. This awards season, in particular, we’ve observed how fashion and style can sometimes be used to represent, support, compliment and emphasize significant sociopolitical issues changes and at other times, it may simply take a backseat and allow the conversation to burn bright itself.

These past few weeks have all been building towards the 2018 Academy Awards and I –just like everyone else– was excited to see which face of fashion we’d see on the grandest of red carpets. And to my absolute delight, we saw strong and smart style choices, which not only made a point but also looked totally gorgeous. In fact, the 2018 Oscars Red Carpet might have been the most fun and daring one in many years; many celebrities tend to go old-school for the Oscars but last night we saw a ton of looks that were every bit as revolutionary and phenomenal as the women sporting them.  

Here are some of my favorite hairstyles and trends-to-be from the 2018 Oscars.

Danai Gurira

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Danai Gurira has been rocking a spectacular buzz/ bald cut all through the Black Panther press tour and premiers and I’m thrilled to see her on-screen hairstyle make its way to the industry’s biggest, most glamorous event. Danai’s hair tattoos have sparked a fierce trend since the film was released and I don't think we’ve ever really seen women’s hair tattoos become such a big thing universally before this. Just goes to show how many different ways there are in which cinema, fashion and art can affect, motivate and inspire. Last night, Danai stepped her game up even further, using some temporary white paint to accentuate the hair art. Pretty sure that metallic hair tattoos are going to be the next big thing in hair for a while now!

Helen Mirren

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Dame Mirren is truly a force of nature, be it with respect to her incomparable talent or her wit and charm. And when it comes to style, she continues to be every bit as inspiring and electric as ever. When it comes to ageing gracefully and being as stylish and sexy as ever, nobody does it like Helen Mirren. The feathered long pixie haircut is stupendous and it looks all the more striking in her platinum-white locks. The sweeping bangs, the height at the crown and the asymmetrical volume towards one side make the hairstyle both romantic and edgy. It works beautifully with statement accessories and is the sort of haircut that will compliment any outfit/ neckline.

Jennifer Lawrence

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The most talked-about hairstyle from the 2018 Academy Awards is Jennifer Lawrence’s curly hairdo. From references to the iconic Carrie Bradshaw hairstyle to the striking Kim Basinger hairstyle from the 1980s, Jennifer Lawrence’s 2018 Oscars hairstyle has everyone talking. The bold, defined S-waves are the 2018 update to the 2017 beachy waves hair trend. And in true 2018 form, the trend draws some serious inspiration from the 1980s hair and beauty trends. Big volume, strong curls, hair perms, amped up texture and natural blonde and brunette hair colors are all coming back with a bang this season.

Lupita Nyong’o

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The women of the Black Panther cast have been setting red carpets ablaze with meaningful, magnificent fashion over the last few weeks and last night was no different. Lupita Nyongo’s upswept, gold-laced hairstyle actually draws inspiration from the Amasunzu hairstyles rooted in Rwandan culture. The Amasunzu hairstyles are elaborate hairstyles that were traditionally used to communicate marriageability and courtship expectations to potential suitors. Lupita’s stylist adapted the original concept of the Amasunzu hairstyles, which includes elaborately carved and buzzed haircuts, to the look we saw last night. Lupita’s hair was braided into several sections styled around the crown and embellished with a golden wire woven through.

Margot Robbie

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Margot Robbie debuted a new haircut at the 2018 Oscars and the short, wavy bob is one of my favorite looks of the night. The hairstyle manages to be both timeless and extremely modern in one fell swoop. The soft, big waves hark back to the vintage Old Hollywood hairstyles while the length is as 2018 as it gets. The beachy bob, as I’m calling it, is all set to be one of 2018’s hottest hair trends. Style the bob with a small, high side part and tuck your hair behind one ear to instantly dress up your look.

Saorise Ronan

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Saorise Ronan’s stylist –my friend and true hair visionary Adir Abergel– cut her hair for the 2018 Oscars. The short, sculptural bob is fresh, youthful and stylish. The way Adir styled the blunt bob, with a strongly defined shape curving down from the crown and just a hint of an outward turn at the ends with the hair tucked behind the ears, brings something of a bell curve shape to the mind and it’s really fun and unusual and just perfect on Saorise. The key to making a blunt bob work is to keep the lines really really clean, which is why you want to make sure there are absolutely no flyaways and frizzy bits. Get your split-ends trimmed and use smoothening products for a healthy finish. Once your hairstyle is in place, dampen a toothbrush with some hair setting spray and use it to tame any unruly bits.


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Zendaya has long established herself as a true style chameleon, carrying the boldest of fashion choices with an unmatched grace. From a Bowie-tribute mullet at the 2016 Grammy Awards to the unforgettable Afro at the 2017 Met Gala, Zendaya is all about major statements. Which is why, the sleek topknot at the 2018 Oscars felt sort of new, but still familiarly elegant and fun. It’s red carpet-appropriate, quietly chic and so easy to style. The slight slant/ elongated form makes for an interesting change from the usual uniformly circular topknots we’re used to seeing on celebs. I read somewhere that Zendaya’s look from last night is the ultimate easy glam hairstyle and I couldn’t agree more.

Some of the other 2018 Oscars hairstyles I really enjoyed were Alison Williams retro-inspired wavy lob, Greta Gerwig’s short pixie haircut styled with side-swept marcel waves and Viola Davis’ center-parted, super voluminous, super curly ponytail.

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