Best Hairstyles From The 2016 Grammy Awards

So, we’re through with the 2016 Grammy Awards- before we start looking forward to the Oscars and checking out all the styling that is coming out of the 2016 Fashion Weeks, let’s take a look at what music’s biggest night had to offer in terms of fashion and beauty. There were some truly unforgettable performances and beautiful tributes and if you are a music lover, it just does not get any bigger than the Grammys. If you are here only for the fashion, there is still so much to take in.

Here is my pick of the best hairstyles from the 2016 Grammy Awards.


Adele never, ever phones it in, whether we’re talking about her style choices or performances. Her Grammys 2016 look, though noticeably more pared down than her usual bouffant-and-cat-eye combo, is nevertheless glorious. Her look contains all the right elements from her signature style, but steps out of the box as well- it’s a fantastic lesson in how we can all experiment with style while also looking like our own selves and playing up what works best for us.

Adele debuted a new lob that’s got everyone pinning away photos to show to their stylist. Her hair was styled straight, but with a little backcombing at the roots for some subtle volume. I also recommend spraying in a sea-salt spray or adding some dry shampoo at the roots and working it through the lengths to create a slightly grainy texture. This will add some contrast against the straight finish. The overall effect is sophisticated, with a hint of sultry. Perfect for always making a memorable impression, without going too loud with it.

Kacey Musgraves

While Kacey Musgraves’s gown for the evening is what has fashion bloggers and stylists sitting up and take notice, I absolutely love her hair from. On the surface of it, it’s just a high ponytail. But it is not the style itself so much so the execution of it that deserves mention here. When you’ve got an outfit that is clearly going to make waves and you’re making a bold makeup choice to go with it, picking the right hairdo can be tricky. You know you have to keep it simple but simple often veers towards boring, which is a risk most people take and the results are predictably frustrating.

Not here though. The high ponytail works because it’s sexy while being simple. The hair is straight, but not limp, the base of the ponytail has been carefully wrapped for a sophisticated finish and there’s just enough volume at the font to create drama. You can tease an inch of hair right at the base to create some volume and flare, while letting the rest of your hair fall sleek and straight. The mahogany highlights in an ebony base also work beautifully, adding light and dimension to a simple look.

Selena Gomez

We saw a lot of straight, sleek hairdos at the 2016 Grammys, which is why Selena Gomez’s riot of curls was such a delight. If you’ve got naturally wavy/ curly hair or you use a curling iron often and are tired of the texture, Selena’s look provides some solid inspiration on how to reimagine the look. The devil is in the details: to recreate the sexy siren vibe, part your hair high on one side and add some volume at the crown towards the back. It’s the subtlest take on a bouffant possible, but it works wonders for adding some unexpected oomph to the look.

Taylor Swift

Another singer who went short just in time for the 2016 Grammys is Taylor Swift. The thick full fringe nicely rounds off the sharp angles of the super-short bob. It’s a great look if you want to draw attention to the eyes and the cheekbones. A lot of my clients and readers who have long faces or pronounced jawlines worry about cutting their hair as short hairstyles can exaggerate the jawline or emphasize all the wrong features, but Taylor shows us how you can smartly balance competing elements. A full, traditional fringe can help offset a long face while the angles of the bob gently skim the face and soften your look. It’s a powerful haircut for the strong, successful woman and it is no wonder that it continues to be Vogue powerhouse Anna Wintour’s signature look.


#Zendaya #Grammys2016.jpg

Zendaya’s look from the 2016 Grammy Awards might not spark off any trends and clearly isn’t the most wearable look, but it does deserve a mention as one of the most noteworthy fashion choices from the evening. As part of an evening that paid many poignant tributes to David Bowie, Zendaya’s look celebrated the superstar singer and his love for style and fashion. Not many people can carry off the mullet with such élan, but Zendaya proves that when one marries fashion with something special that means a lot to the self, the end result is beautiful in a way that transcends the season’s hottest trends. The takeaway here is –apart from the fact that Bowie was indisputably one of the most talented and dazzling beings to grace this plant– that fashion doesn't have to be current or popular to be relevant.

Also worth checking out? Tori Kelly’s fabulous curls and Serayah’s sleek, angular lob from the Grammys 2016 Red Carpet. Next up: a look at what the 2016 Fashion Weeks have in store for us and then onto the 2016 Academy Awards to see whether or not the Oscars live up to all our style (and cinematic) expectations.