A Quick Hair Transformation for Your Valentine's Date

Love is in the air, Valentines is here! But the last thing you need is to worry about how much time you'll need to do your hair between finishing work and going off on a romantic date. So here's a quick tip for a sexy restyle before your date!

A few simple things you'll need as your sidekicks for this quick creation:

  • Hair-friendly brush (preferably boar's head, as it the best bristle to comb and brush all the hair into a clean ponytail ).
  • A packet of hair bands.( Love antisnag's )
  • Hairspray for smoothing stray hairs ( medium hold level that enhnaces shine is perfect )
  • Optional shine products for enhancing the final look ( try to find a light spray , to avoid ending up with a greasy looking style )
  • Hair accessories (less is more - try to buy, one more expensive accessories that looks stylish and high end then 10 cheapy , plasticky looking ones, try to match them to your outfit i.e color , style etc.)

Simply part your hair at the side, leaving some to fall over one eye for a sexy soft look. Next pull your hair back into a pony tail just above the nape of your neck and twist gently like a rope until it turns in on itself and forms a bun. Secure with Kirby grips and spray lightly with hairspray to tame flyaways for a sleek finish with natural shine and long lasting hold.