A Spring Detox for Your Hair

Winter's old news, spring is on its way, and the sunshine is showing up all the dust and cobwebs...time for a spring clean?! I think so. So I've put together a few simple solutions to some irritating "problems" that may have built up in your hair over the past few months.

    Product build-up

    After the excesses of the party season your hair may be suffering from product build-up so give your hair to a pampering treat. Use a deep cleansing shampoo, and for an even deeper cleaning start off by working the shampoo in to dry hair, massage, comb through and rinse. Follow with a second shampoo on wet hair, massage and rinse, leaving you with squeaky clean hair.

    Dry and brittle hair

    Over-styling can often leave your hair dry and prone to breakage. To combat this, apply a good conditioner or a mask ensure that you choose a product that is right for yoru hairtype and need ( i.e for colored hair , volume etc etc ) , wrap a warm towel around your head, and leave it for 10 minutes. Rinse well and, for extra shine, finish with a cold water rinse. When your hair is dry, finish with some hydrating hairspray, to make your hair supple and full of life.

      Grown out and dated style

      Everyone needs a change sometimes! Refresh your look by trying a new style – if you're unsure of what you might suit, go to a few salons and have a chat to some hair stylists, maybe flip through some magazines to get some inspiration, or even browse some fashion or hair style blogs!

    Here are a few sites you might want to have a look at: