Fringe Benefits For Summer 2016

Did you know that one of the hottest hair trends for summer 2016 is bangs? I know, sounds crazy right? Your first instinct is to push all that hair up and away from your face so you’d hardly think bangs would be summer 2016’s breakout hair trend but they are! There are tons of ways to style and wear them and also hide them away every now and then.

Most people believe that bangs take a lot of work if you want them to look good. If you’re forever struggling with the straightener or freaking out about parting your hair to one side and sending your bangs off-kilter or wondering how the elements are going to work their magic on your forehead today, you’re not alone. But what makes bangs really hot this summer is your ability to take all of the aforementioned concerns and toss them to a side- because at the very heart of it, style is about being happy and to quote Audrey Hepburn, “Happy girls are the prettiest.”

So, here’s some great advice on how to wear bangs for summer 2016 from your friendly neighborhood stylist.

1. It Needs To Be Good, Not Perfect

There’ll be days when your fringe is flat-out fabulous, and days when it’s frightful. Don’t beat yourself up trying to make it look just right. There’s no such thing as a perfect fringe- only what looks good on you. If you go about trying to get your hair to look like a celebrity or a friend or something you saw on Pinterest, you’re setting a very unrealistic standard. And there’s no guarantee that something that looks good on someone else is going to turn out the same way on you. When it comes to bangs, it’s always safer to go with something that works for your face type, structure, features and lifestyle because bangs are such a visible style element that you really don’t want to have to struggle with them or hate them on a daily basis.

2. Make Shampoos Last Longer

It can be tempting to wash your hair daily, especially when the weather’s muggy, but styling everyday is never a good idea. Instead of rushing through your shower and using whatever products you've got stocked up, make an effort to use the right products for you and really cleanse your hair. This way you can go a day or two (maybe more depending on where you live and your scalp type) between shampoos and you can style your bangs to last longer between washes. You don’t have to wash and blow-dry your bangs daily for them to look good- you just have to clean properly and style right.

3. Dry Shampoo To The Rescue

You don’t always have to jump into the shower the second your bangs start looking limp: a little sprinkling of dry shampoo can perk your bangs up instantly, freshening up the hair and breathing renewed life into the efforts you’ve made to style your fringe. This way, your efforts and styling products can last longer and you can feel better about putting your hair through minimal styling this summer, while still looking polished. Because bangs need regular attention, only work some dry shampoo into the roots with your fingers instead of spraying it all over, as most of us are prone to do. This will help prevent product build-up, while letting the dry shampoo act like a barrier between your forehead skin and the hair to prevent oiliness and weighing down.

4. Choose Bangs That Compliment Your Natural Hair Texture

Don’t start with a look in mind when you’re choosing bangs: use your own hair as an entry point into a new look. If you ask your stylist for a cut that needs daily styling to work with your natural hair type, you’re going to find yourself very frustrated or giving up real quick. It can be tiring to have to blow-dry or straighten or otherwise style your hair daily and there will be times when you just aren’t able to. Instead of subjecting yourself to weird forehead days, ask your stylist for bangs that work well for you. If you’ve got fine hair, wispy bangs will fall beautifully without any effort on your part. If you’ve got thick, straight hair you’re one of the enviable few who can opt for a full, blunt short fringe across the forehead and if you have curly hair you can opt for a shaggy, layered do with bangs that are shaped like a horseshoe.

5. The Secret Speedy Blow-dry

If you do want to boost your blow-dry but don’t have the time or energy to style, here’s a quick trick: dampen your bangs with some water on your finger tips and quickly direct a hairdryer at them. It’s a mini blow-dry in moments.

6. Invest In The Right Tools

Some of you always keep bangs, or tend to return to them every few seasons and for such people it makes sense to buy styling tools that do an exceptional job with bangs.

Using a flat iron on your bangs day-in and day-out is a really bad idea and pretty soon you’ll notice the stark difference in quality between your bangs and the rest of your hair. Pro stylists will always tell you to use a blow dryer to style your bangs instead. And if you find yourself returning to bangs often, I recommend buying a rotating hairbrush. These take all the effort and guesswork out of styling and are absolutely genius for bangs and for short/ medium hairstyles. You can get a salon-esque blow-dry in minutes at home and save tons of money and time in the long run.

It also helps to use brushes according to your hair type: if your hair is curly/ wavy, use a round brush to work out the texture and frizz; if your hair is naturally straight, a boar bristle paddle brush is a better idea.

7. Ditch The Conditioner

While it’s important to condition your hair frequently, avoid using it on your bangs. Conditioner tends to weigh hair down and make it slick, which is the last thing you want for your bangs. Skipping conditioner will keep hair around the forehead lighter, bouncier and less oily for longer. You can condition sometimes, but be sure to rinse really, really well.

The comforting thing about this tip is that since bangs typically don’t have a whole lot of length to them and hair close to the roots is usually baby hair, it’s naturally soft and healthy and doesn't need conditioning like the mid and long lengths. So you’re not really doing any damage or stripping your hair of TLC by avoiding conditioner along the hairline.

Use these tips to keep your hair sexy and summer-friendly this season. If you find that sporting bangs tends to get a little difficult while you’re out and about during the day, keep a pack of oil-blotting sheets in your bag along with a tiny container of dry shampoo for quick, on-the-go touch-ups.