London Fashion Week A/W 2011

My London inspiration! A nice take on braiding - Aminaka Wilmont. Very slick with two braids running from the front of the hairline into the pushed back hair and crisscross-braided on top of the loose open hair in the back, adding texture and dimension.

More braiding was seen at Corrie Nielsen where the usually soft romantic feel of braids was sculptured to give a square head shape, giving it an almost "boyish" feel.

Tailored tribal style braiding was seen at John Rocha. It created a perfect balance to the collection which was an experimentation with lightweight silks. A bolder palette and texture gave a new elegance to the show.

This cartoon-inspired take on the '50s ladylike trend looks fresh and modern. A great way to add an intresting "sculptured" element and gives shape to a high sitting ponytail. Many teased knots hidden under layers of hair were the base for this triangular head shape.