The Best Global Mens Hair Trends From Men’s Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2017-2018

Men’s Fashion Week Fall 2017-2018 is properly behind us, and it’s been an exciting experience. We’ve seen so many inspiring new men’s grooming and hair trends come out of each of the four cities that I thought it would be fun to do an overall recap; a crème de la crème take on Men’s Fashion Week, if you will.

Diesel Black Gold, Milan

Voluminous men’s hairstyles are a major look this year. For the most part, men’s hair trends tend to be about discretion, gravitas and workplace-appropriate choices. But this year, we’re seeing a boom in terms of volume and textural adventurousness. Lots of curls, graininess, height and body- just like this hairstyle from the Diesel Black Gold Men’s Fall 2017 showcase in New York.

KTZ, London

In sharp contrast to the previous hair trend we’ve got this buzz cut from the KTZ Fall 2017 show in London. Super-short/ close-cropped haircuts make for some unusual style statements because they’re so powerful in their minimalism. Less really is more with this old favorite. To dress up the buzz for 2017, ask your stylist to combine the classic cut with a fade detail as you move down the sides. It adds tonality and shadows, while still keeping the look pretty simple.

Nick Graham, New York

Still one of my top picks from the New York Men’s Fall 2017 Fashion Week. Mid-length men’s haircuts are great for striking a balance between being taken seriously and having fun with your look. Styling can make all the difference: a quasi-combover transforms this hippie haircut into the suave gentleman’s trend of choice.

YoshioKubo/ MotoGuo/ Consistence, Milan

The YoshioKubo/MotoGuo/Consistence Fall 2017 showcase in Milan was one of my favorites because of the diversity in styling: a fact that’s highlighted with two spots in this list, featuring two polar opposite men’s hair trends. Here, we’ve got the ultra-traditional, classic side-swept and combed-back haircut. If your personal style is rooted in the ‘strong, silent’ aesthetic, make an impact with this look. The wet-look hair adds a hint of drama, and it’s also a great men’s hairstyle that celebrate the widow’s peak instead of trying to disguise it.

YoshioKubo/ MotoGuo/ Consistence 2, Milan

Bold bangs and fringes as accents are making a splash in men’s hair trends in 2017. Clean lines, comb-overs and swept-back classic haircuts are now sharing space with quirky, architectural hairlines. Take this L-shaped, downward-facing swoop from the YoshioKubo/ MotoGuo/ Consistence show in Milan, for instance. It’s arresting, and strange in all the right ways. Time for the lads to shake things up a bit.

That’s it for the Men’s Autumn Winter 2017-2018 Fashion Week folks. Hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have. There’s enough inspiration here to keep you busy and stylish well into the year.