2016 Hair Trends Inspired By Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2016

I’ve often discussed that one of the best aspects of the Fashion Weeks is predicting what style/ look is going to become the next big fashion trend. Some styles serve as great inspiration to the individual while others catch on like a house on fire and are soon seen everywhere, from the catwalk to the sidewalk. Trend spotting and trend mapping go hand-in-hand, which is why today we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular hairstyles from Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2016 and see which ones have earned their stripes as 2016’s biggest hair trends.2016 Hair Trends Inspired By Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2016

#1 80s Revivalism


Every couple of years we see the fashion industry hark back to a previous era and pay homage to its trademark styles. Under the broader ambit of retro/ vintage-inspired fashions are decade-by-decade trends that are each getting their moment under the sun. We saw a lot of Flapper-esque trends inspired by the Roaring Twenties in the immediate aftermath of The Great Gatsby and Mad Men did its bit for the Swinging Sixties. This year, we’re taking it back to the Eighties.

While big hair and va-va-volume are some of the trademarks of the era, it’s the fluidity of hair that I enjoy the most when it comes to 80s-inspired hairstyles. I love the effect of ‘hair on the move,’ looking like it’s got a life, personality and plan all of its own. We saw hair trends in this vein at both the Giorgio Armani and Isabel Marant shows at Fashion Week A/W 16 as well as tons of other 80s-inspired hairdos at other shows such as Jeremy Scott and Topshop.

Spotted: Nathalie Emmanuel typically wears her hair in a riot of kinky curls and has texture to die for. However, it’s the manner in which she recently arranged it at a premiere spotlighting the upcoming season of Game of Thrones that really caught my eye. If you’ve got curly/ kinky hair (naturally or otherwise) do consider these quasi-asymmetrical hairstyles. The arrangement makes hair look like its constantly in motion and the end results are fabulous. 

#3 Natural Texture

One of the biggest trends to come out of Autumn Winter 2016 Fashion Week was the focus on natural hair texture. This is a trend that celebrates the true spirit of style in that it recognizes that just as no two people are the same, no two hair textures are the same and so, the concept of a singular standard of beauty is inherently flawed. In the last few years we’ve moved towards style sensibilities that appreciate the beauty of diversity and diversity in beauty. Hair trends at Fashion Week 2016 were all about amped up texture, natural graininess, unabashed volume and spotlighting the girl next door.

Spotted: We saw some fabulous relaxed natural texture on Karlie Kloss at the Balmain show at Paris Autumn Winter 2016 Fashion Week and recently saw the same on Gwyneth Paltrow at a book signing for her book ‘It's All Easy’ earlier this month.

#4 Side Parts

One of the easiest ways to add a hint of sophisticated glamour to any hairstyle is to dress it up with a side part. Despite the fact that it’s a fairly simple hair accent, a side part continues to strike the mind’s eye as unusual. Most people typically part their hair down the middle or wear it brushed back, which is why a side part is always noticeable. It’s one of the most wearable hair trends to come out of the 2016 Fashion Weeks because it suits everyone and can be paired with just about any hairstyle: buns, ponytails, braids, updos- you name it.

Spotted: From the Christian Dior showing at Paris Fashion Week A/W 16 to Charlize Theron at a premier for The Huntsman: Winter's War, the side part is shaping up to be one of the hottest hair accents for the year. Who would have thought a tiny detail like this could be one of 2016’s biggest hair trends?

#5 Vintage Hair

#VintageHair #CharlotteOlympia #LFW16 #Zendaya.jpg

We’ve already talked about the global fascination with retro hairstyles with the 80s hair trend taking off, but the continued enthusiasm for vintage hairstyles in general deserves a mention of its own. If you’re not one to be limited to a particular decade and you love everything fashion from the years gone by, take heart in one of 2016’s hottest hair trends: vintage hairstyles. Retro-inspired dos continue to rule the roost, worn both true to tradition and with modern twists.

Spotted: Zendaya at the Kids Choice Awards rocked a quaint retro-esque do, combining two of the Autumn Winter 2016 Fashion Week’s biggest hair trends: vintage-inspired hairstyles and unusual hairlines. There’s something distinctly vintage about the way her hair is set, and it immediately evokes images of pin curls and coiffures from the Twenties, and at the same time the short length makes the style as modern as they come.

These 5 hair trends from Fashion Week have only gotten bigger in the last couple of weeks, and I believe we’re going to see them well into the season, if not more. Be sure to try them out this summer!