The Power of One Element: Whose Hair?

Check out this amazing article I found on the Another Man Magazine Website: “When I look at her perfect bob” glosses Christina Christoforou, “the first thing that comes to mind is that she likes to be in complete control.” But Whose Hair? could she be referring to? The London-based illustrator and artist asks the question in her debut book.

“I liked the idea that I could describe someone by using just one element.” Inspired to draw iconic hairstyles while listening to rock‘n’roll, Christoforou tested out her guessing game, which became the idea for the book, "while a pair of shoes can only go so far, hair can transform anyone completely.” Using Tipp-Ex, Biro, colour pencils and newspaper cut-outs the ‘elegance’ of Audrey Hepburn to the ‘eccentricity’ of David Bowie are brought to life. “I think the best are always musicians. And the worst? Possibly catch wrestlers.”

Erratic, indecisive or just adventurous people have a choice off styles from across the decades. Centuries ago extraordinary hair was but a privilege of the ruling classes. Even cutting hair was more a mark of status than personal identity. Today hair styling, like fashion reflects contemporary society. “From the long hair of the hippies, to the platinum blonde Barbie hair of Pamela Anderson, it makes sense there’s a link.” Hair becomes the ultimate accessory. To the extent Christoforou declares “people more often than not, are exactly who they appear to be.” Unavoidable perhaps except for a marginalised group of bald men. “No, because there are some in the book. They're just really difficult to spot.”

Whose Hair? by Christina Christoforou, published by Laurence King is on sale now

This unique and fun book contains over 200 original, hand-drawn illustrations of the hairstyles of the rich and famous, from politicians to film stars, dictators to chefs. The meticulously drawn illustrations will show only the hair, leaving you to guess the celebrity and draw the face. (The answers are at the back of the book.) This book is a fun and ironic take on the global celebrity phenomenon.