Top Hair Trends From Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017

And we’re finally done with the Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Weeks.  What an exhilarating experience it has been!  We’ve seen some great twists on classic hairstyles, some fresh new hairdos for the coming seasons and the genesis of some really solid hair trends that are bound to define the period for years to come. Wrapping up all this excitement is today’s post on the best hairstyles from Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017.

My list of the best hairstyles from the Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017 is all about strong, statement style choices. If you’re looking for your edgy hairstyles fix, you’ve come to the right place. Paris proved to be an interesting experience in terms of just how many gritty, bold hair trends we witnessed on the runways. There’s a time and mood for classic hairstyles and then there’s this.

Acne Studios

We’re leading today’s pack with another blunt bob. Now, you might wonder, just how many bobs can a person lust after? The answer is thus: all of them! Curly, straight, angular, blunt, tipped with blunt bangs or side fringes- it’s all welcome here! Blunt bobs are the short haircut for winter 2016-spring 2017. They’re sassy, sexy and so easy to maintain.

Whenever I’m discussed short hairstyles in general and bobs in particular, I like to point out just how easy it is play with textures with this length. And it’s true: you can wear bobs straight, slick, wavy, curly, gritty- you name it. It’s honestly like waking up and choosing to be a new person every day. While experimenting with textures in long hair can be just as rewarding, let’s be honest: it’s quite tiring and time-consuming. But a blunt bob can go from a poker-straight power hairdo to a flirty, tousled look in no time at all.

I’m particularly fond of this particular blunt bob because it’s the perfect marriage of strong lines to seductive curves. The ends and bangs look like you could cut yourself running your hand through the hair, while the soft crown lends a subtle femininity to the wearer. And that burnished copper color? What’s not to love!

Andrew Gn

Braided accents are a genius way to make any hairstyle pop. Placing cornrows at the side, above the ears, is a neat way to embellish everyday hairstyles like ponytails and buns. Of course, the swooping pompadour at the front adds a whole lot of oomph to the look as well.

If you don’t know how to braid cornrows, you can create ‘faux rows’ by:

·      Making tiny Dutch braids.

·      Taking teeny tiny sections of hair and twisting them in on themselves, thus making coiled rows that look like braids.

There are two things you must do to make these braided accents look good:

·      Make sure the braids lay flush with each other. Symmetry helps make more of an impact in this look.

·      Make sure the braids are equidistant. Be sure to put a little gap between each row because that really throws the style in relief and makes it pop.

To create the swooping pompadour, use your bangs or hair from the front. Add styling mousse and lift and position the pompadour by hand. Shape the pouf according to your face and you can keep it smooth or pinch sections together or make it piece-y. Wear with a low, loose ponytail or a chignon.

Christian Dior

More braids! I really love this look from the Christian Dior Spring Summer 2017 show at Paris. It’s such a refreshing take on the high bun. First, there’s the bun itself: at first glance, it looks like a polished variant of your everyday topknot, but at closer inspection you see it’s actually a looped bun.

The braided rows down the back are such a stroke of genius because they add so much pizzazz to a hairstyle we see all the time. You want to create the Dutch braids from the bottom-up and blend the ends (and hair ties) into the topknot.

Issey Miyake

There’s so much to love about this unique hairdo from the Issey Miyake show, from the looped ponytails to the mix of textures. Crimped hair is coming back in a big way with 90s revivalism but if you’re not ready to go all-out just yet, working it into small sections in a sleek base is a great way to experiment.

As for the hairdo itself, begin by creating three ponytails at the back of your head: two at the same level on the sides and the third higher up and to the center. Fold the upper ponytail and pin it onto your head, close to the neck, to create a loop. Then draw each of the lower ponytails through the loop carefully. They will fall at different heights, since one will lie atop the other. Push pins into the base of each section and wherever they meet the head for extra support. Unless you have long, thick hair, you’ll probably need some hair extensions for this look.

Manish Arora

Very few designers do ‘wacky wonderful’ quite as effectively as Manish Arora does. The Indian designer’s shows are always an explosion of color, texture and shapes and this year was no different. I saw a ton of pink hair and blue hair on the runway but this particular hairstyle really caught my eye because it’s wearable and striking at the same time. Mix cropped hair with long bangs and more length up top lets you create all sorts of interesting shapes and structures. The voluminous, side-swept quiff is sexy, strong and graceful and I’d love to see more of it on women everywhere. 

Paco Rabanne

Rose gold hair has been one of the biggest hair trends of 2016 and it shows no signs of slowing down yet. If you’re hesitant about an overall wash of pink hair, here’s an interesting take on the look: a small section of unusual hair color placed between more natural roots and ends. Pink sits most organically in blonde hair tones because it blends in better with lighter colors but you could always choose an accent color that suits your base and work with that. By keeping the roots and front natural as well as the mid-lengths and ends, you leave yourself room to play up or dial down the pastel tones as you wish. It looks absolutely delicious when worn loose and you can soften the impact by pulling your hair up into a voluminous topknot and bringing the ‘normal’ hair color front and center.

Yohji Yamamoto

Something about the placement of the white pigment in black hair really caught my eye at the Yohji Yamamoto Spring Summer 2017 show in Paris. The ebony and ivory hair color trend isn’t entirely unheard of, but it’s the first we've seen it in a long while. If you like playing with contrasts and the idea of duality in fashion appeals to you, you could experiment with a little hair color chalk before booking an appointment with your colorist. From a small patch to a full streak, here’s your chance to pay homage to the terrifying-but-glam Cruella de Vil.    

It’s hard to believe that Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017 is already over, but I can’t wait to see how these looks translate into street style trends.