Bridal Beauty...And some Wedding Hair tips.

With the Royal Wedding just round the corner I thought i'd share with you the question I always get asked - How  to prepare hair  for a wedding? I thought you might find the top 5 Q&As below useful...

Question 1: When should a bride-to-be start conditioning her hair for the big day? Do you recommend regular conditioning, a weekly deep conditioning treatment or both?

Answer: I would recommend to use both a  regular conditioning for the every day , a weekly deep conditioning treatment 3 or 4 days before the big day to enhance shine & vitality

Question 2: When is the optimum time to colour before the wedding?

Answer: I would suggest not to leave it to the very last moment- so a week or a few days before the big day, to avoid that your haircolour gets rushed , just because you got a million other things to do. -

Question 3: Which products would you recommend for styling on the big day?

Answer: I would always start any style  with a styling mousse for strong hold for any style to enhance volume & hold that you will need  to keep your style in place

Question 4: Is it better to bring along your own styling products or leave it to the hair-stylist you’ve chosen for the day?

Answer: If you have a product that you can’t live without, take it to your stylist and discuss the benefits of using / not using it .

Question 5: What advice would you give to a bride before her wedding day?

Answer: ALWAYS Plan ahead and try a few different styling variations weeks before the big day. Take a friend and a digital camera , so can really make up your mind – without the time pressure, so you and your stylist know what to expect an avoid disappointment  & stress on the day.

Look at wedding magazines , celeb magazines and red carpet summaries  that can be found on the internet to get some inspiration for your look

Take an image of your wedding dress and any jewels or accessories that you had in mind as it will help to decide on the look

Choose a look that makes you feel good about yourself -YOU WANT TO ENJOY THE DAY - and not worry about your style , dress or make up.