Hair Trends From Milan Men’s Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2017-2018

We’ve seen what the London 2017 Men’s Fashion Week had to offer; it’s time to move onto Milan. Italy has long been the place where trends are born and return to for that extra bit of polishing. In other words, if it’s in Milan, it’s worth your time.

In the last couple of months I’ve done a bunch of trend mapping and style forecasting for men’s 2017 grooming trends and it was at Milan that I really saw them mature from possibilities into full-blown trends. The best part? All of these trends are super wearable, universal and fun.

Here are 3 men’s hair and grooming trends that were all the rage in Milan.

Diesel Black Gold


Kicking it off with one of 2017’s biggest men’s hair trends: full, side-parted bangs. The side parting is the secret to keeping this look from taking over your face; it frames the face, keeps the fringe from sitting too squarely (something that doesn’t quite work on men’s facial structures the same way it does on women’s) and that tiny sliver of forehead on one side works a bit like whitespace in balancing out an otherwise bold style choice.

The bangs are best balanced out by chin-length haircuts and smooth, straight texture. The finish here is soft, free flowing and naturally shiny. The goal is for hair to look healthy and hip but not particularly styled.

Dirk Bikkembergs

One of the 2017’s biggest hair trends across all demographics is the structural extremes trend. It’s interesting how the idea has shaped: industry stalwarts started out wanting to bring back the classics, keep it all simple and sophisticated, and in doing so realized that there are so many iterations of those qualities. You’ve got super-smooth cuts and finishes and you’ve got messier, tousled, more-stylized looks. And so, we’re now celebrating extremes and contrasts like never before: it’s a dialogue between bedhead and boardroom style and I’m here for it. The hairstyles on these models at the Dirk Bikkembergs Men’s Autumn Winter 2017/ 2018 show are proof that some very different men’s haircuts can work equally well within the same context (place, outfit, occasion) and make powerful impacts.

Yoshio Kubo / Moto Guo / Consistence

More proof that fringes/ bangs in men’s hairstyles are going to be one of the biggest breakthrough men’s trends of 2017.

While the full fringe from the Diesel Black Gold Men’s AW17 show is already an off-runway hit, I’d love to see more of this look from the Yoshio Kubo, Moto Guo, Consistence Men's Fall 2017 runway. It’s both creative and classic, and that’s the sort of winning formula that is really going to push men’s styling to greater heights this year.

I love the angular, tapered cut: it’s a really fun shape and the inverted ‘V’ at the hairline and the graduated length keep the look from getting too extreme. Smart, sexy styling for the win!

Traditionally, men have stayed away from haircuts with bangs because there’s this unspoken notion that these styles lend an air of frivolity to the wearer. I’ve also noticed that men who do have fringes either wear them in overtly casual hairstyles (shoulder length surfer-dude haircuts or uber-messy, curly mops) or style them away to hide them in comb-overs and slicked-back dos. However, all that is about to change this year and I definitely give my vote to trying out men’s haircuts with bangs.

If you’re feeling the hot-hot-hot trend of men’s fringes, I also recommend checking out photographs from the Etro Autumn Winter 2017 showcase: the spiky, piece-y, fanned-out fringes were another one of my favorite men’s hairstyles from Milan Men’s 2017.

So those are my picks for the best men’s hairstyles and grooming trends from Milan AW17-18. Which ones did you like? We’ll be diving into the Paris Men’s Fashion Week next, so be sure to come back soon.