Hair Myths: True or False?

Found this great article on Hair Myths on Marie Claire, Enjoy! SHAMPOOING: Rumour has it that if you don't wash your hair, it will cleanse itself. Rubbish! You should wash and condition your hair daily.

HAIR PRODUCTS: There is no such thing as 'build-up' with hair products. Marketers selling 'clarifying' or 'build-up removing' shampoos would have you believe this myth. Think of your face. You don't use a build-up remover to remove your make-up; you use a cleanser, or soap and water. Similarly, your regular shampoo will cleanse your hair of so-called build-up.

HAIR COLOURING: There is no scientific evidence, nor physiological reason, why colouring hair makes it fall out or become thinner. If you want to colour, do so. Coloured hair, though, needs more care to prevent dryness.

SHAMPOOING: There is no scientific reason why a cold rinse should help your hair. In fact, it may even have the reverse effect.

CONDITIONING: Hair grows six inches a year. If it is 12 inches long, the ends will be two years old. So use more protective leave-in conditioner on the older and more 'weathered' ends.

BLOW-DRYING: Correct blow-drying does not damage the hair. Just stop when your hair is dry; it is the blow-dryer on already dried hair that does the damage.

I would also recommend to invest in a high quality hairdryer with differnt heat settings and a cold air shot button. This way you can control the temerature, that is right for your hair.  (Medium hot is normaly high enough to dry your hair quickly).


BRUSHING: Bristle brushes are not the best for your hair. The kindest are made from plastic with long bristles and a ball at the tip of each. They are also much cheaper.

Illustrations by Ian McNee