Tips: Maintaining Coloured Hair

Here are just a few tips on how to maintain that glossy rich colour you have always wanted:

  • Shampoo that’s made for colour treated hair keeps your hair colour soft and natural looking. Regular shampoos can strip colour and natural moisture from your hair.
  • Install a water filter for your shower or bath. Besides frequently being treated with chemicals, tap water coming through old plumbing contains undesirable elements like rust that leave your new hair colour flat and dull looking.
  • Deep condition regularly – at least every two weeks – to restore moisture and shine to colour treated hair. A low pH conditioner after hair dying helps protect your hair as well as return it to natural softness and shine. As roots grow out, a colour enhancing conditioner will help your natural hair
  • colour blend with your colour treated hair.
  • After shampooing, always blot your hair dry. Don’t rub hair dry or wrap it in a tight turban. When using a blow dryer, dry your head– not your hair. Over drying hair strips it of moisture and also
  • results in static.
  • Never use a brush on wet hair. Work through tangles with a wide tooth comb, starting with the ends and moving to your scalp.
  • Conditioners that you leave in your hair often contain sunscreen and help protect your hair colour from fading.
  • Wetting your hair with bottled spring water helps to shield it from the harsh swimming pool chemicals.