Best Hair Trends From London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016

London is one of my most favorite cities in the world, and as some of you may know, I used to live there until sometime back. London Fashion Week is always an exhilarating experience because this is a city that has essentially perfected the balance between posh, classic styling and edgy, personalized fashion. Watching that dichotomy manifest and play well together is one of the things that make the streets of London so beautiful. And usually, the runways from London reflect that enchanting quality.

While the fashions on display boasted some interesting styling and new trends, I was surprised to see that a lot of the designers went with very simple hairstyles- usually loose flowing waves or open, straight hair. On some level, it makes sense: you might want to highlight the clothes and keep everything else minimal. But from a hairstyling perspective, we always crave the new and unexplored. In that way, the London Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Week didn’t really push the envelope. But I did spot a few that I liked and think can make for some lovely hair statements in the coming months.


#Giles #LFW #SS16.jpg

Braids are always welcome. That’s the motto we live by around here. Models at the Gilles show sported two braids, running from the front to the back, one above each ear. You want the braids to be positioned high enough to show while maintaining some distance from the part. Add a middle part to create more lines in the look. I recommend Dutch braids because those will sit on your head instead of being braided into your hair. Dutch braids are basically reverse French braids and they’re great for when you want a 3D effect. Once you secure the braids you can leave the rest of your hair loose, combine it into a single plait or ponytail, wear it in two separate ponytails or pigtails or even twist into bun. The options are endless.

Paul Smith

If you are a fan of hair trends that incorporate buns, you’re going to love this one. This coiled, low bun is a lot longer and ‘flatter’ than the usual chignon but that’s exactly what makes the look so interesting. And it is very easy to style too. For the simplest, quickest take on the hair trend begin by parting your hair down the middle and securing it into two ponytails behind your ears. Pick one ponytail and twist it in on itself to create a tightly wound column. Then pin this onto the back of the head in an elongated, sideways ‘U’ shape. Repeat the same step with the other ponytail, fitting the second one into the first so that you basically have two interlinked ‘U’ coils weaving in and out of each other. Crisscross your bobby pins for added support. You can arrange the coils anyway you like, looping one over the other, intertwining them or even working on both sections together so you can keep pinning them into more intricate patterns as you go along.


While the super wide, tri-paneled headbands from the Sibling show at LFW16 make for a solid hair trend by themselves, what really caught my eye was the short, choppy fringe. If you enjoy experimenting with bangs and are done with all the usual styles, this new trend is a great way to revisit an old favorite. The bangs are super short at the center but a little longer on the ends so they frame the face nicely. I love the slightly unfinished edges: it’s very cute without trying too hard. If you’ve got a very long face or a round one, you might want to stay away from this trend because it will only serve to exaggerate those features and won’t balance out well against them. You want to play to your strengths and bangs can be tricky in that regard. That said, people with smaller faces, heart-shaped faces and diamond-shaped faces should definitely give this hair trend a go. And if you're blessed with an oval face, you already know that bangs of all varieties work well on you.

Simone Rocha

Another Dutch braid makes its way into the top picks from the Spring Summer 2016 London Fashion Week. I’ve picked a photograph detailing the hairstyle from the back where all the impact really is, but the front was pretty interesting too, with lots of volume and little sections slightly tugged upwards to create low peaks around the crown. You might not want to go that far with the styling on a day-to-day basis, but the USP of this look is that it’s a messy braid.

As I’ve mentioned before, Dutch braiding is a great technique for when you want the braid to really ‘pop’ on the head. It’s a fantastic way to add more life and character to the braid. It really is the same as the French braid, except you braid ‘under’ the central segment instead of over it. Every time you add a little more hair to your outside sections you need to take them under and across instead of over and across. It’s fairly easy with a little practice. Once you reach the nape of your neck just continue on with a normal braid and secure the ends with a hair elastic.

If you want some more volume just tug very gently on the loops of the braid. Do this one by one if you’re new to the technique. If you are pulling on two loops, make sure you choose two that lay side-by-side and never yank two diagonal loops at a go because you’ll end up unraveling the braid. 

Topshop Unique

There were so many different hairstyles on the runway from the Topshop Unique Spring Summer 2016 showcase that I was tempted to add in a few more. But this particular look really caught my eye. The bold, blunt fringe and the shoulder length pageboy-like bob are fantastic but what really takes this look to the next level is that hair color. The ‘Granny Hair Trend’ is one of 2015’s biggest hair color trends and if you’re looking for a more sophisticated, more grown-up take on the silvery hue let this look from Topshop be your cue. A dark granite dye will look striking against every skin tone. It’s a color that’s seen on the ‘natural hair color’ spectrum so it’s appropriate for all occasions and yet it’s so sexy and powerful that you’re going to wonder what took it so long to catch on!

I hope you like this selection of the best hair trends from the London Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Week. Milan’s already given us some fantastic new trends to look forward to and I can’t wait to bring them here to you.