Best Hair Looks From Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016

I’m so excited to bring the best hair trends from the Paris Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Week to my readers. So, let’s just jump right into it, shall we?

Bernard Chandran

Now, granted, this is not the most wearable look of the lot but if you are looking for inspiration and you’re tired of everything that’s “normal”, I really recommend giving this hair trend a shot. And even if you don’t go all out, you could use the look to brainstorm some hair trends of your own!

I, for one, do love the look from the Bernard Chandran Spring Summer 2016 show because it’s so unusual and futuristic but at the same time there’s an almost-Victorian effect to the whole thing. Credit it to the impeccably neat ‘swoop’ accent or the gently undone face-framing locks- something about this particular hairstyle is at once ultramodern and vintage.

Side profile shots from the runway show just how unusual the hairstyle is: the crown accent was created by securing the hair in a high ponytail and then flipping it on itself to bring it forward and then artfully arranging the ponytail in the ‘swoop’ at the forehead. We’re talking about very interesting raised planes and angles and while you might not be able to pull this off on a regular work day, it is a fantastic choice for an occasion where you need to dress it up a bit or even pull off a costume! Hint: Halloween anyone?


I picked this particular shot from the Chloé show because just look at that hair! I love when designers and labels decide to embrace their models’ natural beauty and mix it in with an overarching theme. Even though we see a lot more experimentation and self-expression in style today, there still isn’t enough being done for the curly-haired woman. If you’ve got an unruly mop, don’t fret: it’s a good thing. No, scratch that. It’s a great thing.

The look from the Chloé show proves how sexy and feminine and arresting natural volume, messy curls and short hair can be. Perfect for when you’re looking to wear your pixie in a new way or you want to add some impish charm to your short crop. And if you’ve got naturally straight hair, there’s nothing a curling iron or even leave-in curling rods can’t help with.

I know that my readers are always on the lookout for new styling options and inspirations for short hairdos and when something so effortlessly chic comes along I can’t wait to share it here.

Guy Laroche

The look from the Spring Summer 2016 Guy Laroche show was centered on some strong individual statements: a deep side part, retro-esque waves to one side and a slight height at the roots. I personally loved the shorthaired iteration of the look but if you like to wear your hair longer you’ll be glad to know that the combined effect of all these trends looked just as great in medium-to-long hair as well. If you do wear your hair short or are open to the idea, I give this look a thumbs-up. There’s something so Swinton-fabulous about it.

When you’re recreating the look and styling the front section just remember to add some lift at the roots and style your hair up and away to the side: it creates a ‘break’ from the rest of the hair and draws focus to the point, which is what sets this particular hair trend apart from your usual cascading retro waves.

You could set your hair in curlers to add texture throughout the length or use a wide-barreled curling iron for the waves. Alternatively, you can always try using some styling paste and simply arranging your hair and shaping it with your fingers for a less structured, more pliant effect.

Pascal Millet

The moment I saw the models walk the runway for Pascal Millet at the Paris SS2016 Fashion Week I knew we had a major hair trend on our hands. Braids have been huge these last few seasons and while you’ll hear no complaint from me on revisiting the classics, braided updos are great for when you want to take your look to the next level.

Don't be thrown by how complicated the style looks: it’s actually much easier than you’d expect and you don't need to bread around the crown in one go; instead, we've got two braids that go back down from the front and meet at the bottom at the back. The overall effect is much like the halo braid, except at the back and bottom and not the top and center.

Part your hair down the middle to create two sections for easy styling. Pin/ clip one side away so you can work easily on the other. Now, brush the entire section backwards without disturbing the part. By changing the fall of your hair you’ll make it easier to braid front-to-back. Start a Dutch braid at the hairline (position it above the highest point of your eyebrow) and braid downwards. Don't braid straight down in a sharp line; follow the contours of your head instead and create a braided boundary. Depending on the length of your hair you might have to finish off with a regular plait once you reach the nape of your neck.

Unpin the other side and create another braid that meets the first one at the back. Once both braids are in place, just take the ends and tuck them under the braids to hide them. Insert a few bobby pins to keep everything secure. Push each pin vertically into the braids and when you feel the pin against your scalp press it sideways and slip it into place- doing this will give your braids extra support.

If you’re new to braiding, don’t worry. The good news is that you don't have to target a perfect finish: the slightly messy texture, little ends sticking out and loose strands are all part of the look. When was the last time you saw a runway hair trend that encouraged static-y hair and unfinished ends!

Vanessa Seward

Another braided accent, another fabulous hairstyle. This is, hands down, one of my favorite hair trends to come out of the Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Weeks. Very slick, very polished and very, very Parisian.

The elements that make up the look are quite easy to deconstruct as of themselves. You’ve got a sharp side part, straightened hair with a glassy finish and a diagonal front-to-back Dutch braid. To achieve the graduated thickening effect with the braid slowly increasing the amount of hair you pull into the sides while you’re braiding; just make sure that you maintain symmetry at every step and add the same amount of hair to the outside strands while you braid. This will make sure that you get an even braid that lays flat against the scalp.

Do take a minute and note that both the side part and the braided accent travel from the front to the back at an angle and almost create a ‘V’ as they do so.

I do recommend getting some practice in with this particular hairstyle because the entire point is to keep everything very perfect and polished and let the braid be something of a surprise edgy accent. 

As for the rest of your hair, you could wear it in a ponytail or a braid or a low bun. My advice would be to wear it low because you want all the attention at the crown to be on the braid.

If you enjoyed these hairstyles and can’t get enough of 2016’s hottest hair trends, be sure to come back for more on hair trends from Milan Spring Summer 2016.