Hair Tip: How to add body to your hair.

If you've heard that big hair is one of the season's biggest trend, you've heard right. From backcombed beehives to soft waves, hair that gets noticed for being anything but flat is number 1 on everyone's wish list.

How to achieve that big hair:

1 Start by scrunching some thickening spray into wet hair and blowdrying roughly.

2 Spray your hair with hairspray, then wrap in sections around heated rollers. When the rollers are cool, remove them and make a deep, triangular parting in your hair. Shape the parted hair across your forehead, then use grips to pin in place.

3 Add masses of body to your style by backcombing at the roots and mid-lengths, then fix in place with plenty of Hairspray.

If you want to revive your style during the day flip your hair over your head and spray hairspray into the lengths. Scrunch with your hands, wait for a few second until it has dried, then flip it all back over and there you have it, Great body!