Holiday Hair Tips

1. Drench your hair - before swimming in the pool or sea to prevent damaging chlorine or salt.

2. Re-apply your hair sunscreen after stepping out of the pool or sea. (sun protection spray)

3. Take extra care to protect coloured hair. What ever measures you take coloured hair exposed to bright sunlight will lighten; avoid this with a cool summer hat.

4. Bleaching your hair can leave it vulnerable, to breakage and brittle lengths and ends when exposed to excessive sun. Consider waiting till after your holiday.

5. Wear a rich conditioning mask overnight and rinse off in the morning for a great hair boost!

6. After an après-swim looks? Smooth your hair to one side, and then pull it back to the nape of the neck. Use UV styling product and secure with grips.

7. Don’t brush your hair when wet! Comb it; use a wide toothed comb to prevent breakage.

8. Give yourself that beach look by making your own Salt Spray by diluting 1 teaspoon salt with approximately 200ml hot water and pouring it into an empty spray bottle.

9. Leave your hair to dry naturally using a leave in conditioner, avoiding excess heat styling will leave your hair all the more moisturised.

10. Shampoo your hair thoroughly after swimming to avoid leaving chlorine on it.