Best Hairstyles From The Oscars 2017

The biggest night of the year has come and gone, and what a rush it’s been. Congratulations to all the winners: truly well deserved. There was so much talent, beauty and heart on display I’m certain everyone is going to be talking about the 89th Academy Awards for a long time to come.

Now, onto my favorite part: the best hairstyles from the 2017 Oscars.

Charlize Theron

When you’re carrying a mine’s worth of diamonds on your ears, it’s hard to pick a hairstyle that holds its own while celebrating all that sparkle. And yet, Charlize Theron’s spectacular 80s hairstyle with its side-part and swooping hairline manages to do just that. There is just enough distance between the earrings and the hair accent to balance out the look and it helps that the rest of the hair is styled away into an old-fashioned ponytail at the back.

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts debuted a new hair color, choosing to honor the mightiest of red carpets with fiery-copper locks styled into classic Old Hollywood waves. I read somewhere that she was channeling Jessica Rabbit and the comparison stuck! It truly is a magnificent hair color, made all the more captivating by the glistening finish. Emma’s hair is proof that the real secret to making any hair color work is in having healthy hair: notice how the light plays off the tangerine and strawberry tones of her hair? That sort of result is only possible if you invest as much into hair care and color maintenance as you do into creating the look to begin with.

Emma Stone

Congratulations to the La La Land star for her big win! We all knew this one was in the bag, and Emma looked absolutely divine while accepting her award. She was the picture of Hollywood glamour and timeless beauty in those loose, side-parted and shoulder-skimming waves. Emma is another actress that wears coppery-red hair well and lends a lot of grace to the hue. If Emma Roberts’ red hair is too light, too obvious for you, then Stone’s more burnished-copper version might be more your speed. The deeper auburn is shot through with streaks of chestnut and topped with a soft golden cast down the lengths.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry’s Oscars 2017 hair is probably the most talked-about look from the night. Just look at that glorious mass of curls! The ringlets were styled into a voluminous, asymmetrical cloud with as much personality as the star herself. Take a leaf or two out of Halle’s book and use these secrets to make your own curls pop:

·      Notice how some of the curls are tipped bronze and caramel? Curly hair comes with a ton of natural movement and body so most women don’t bother adding to it. But highlights and lowlights close to your base color can add to the dynamism of your curls, while still keeping them artfully messy and natural.

·      If you’re artificially curling your hair, use differently sized barrels to create a riot of organic, sexy curls. And at the end, if you’re left with any limp bits, use a really small curling wand to go back in and add more detail.

Janelle Monáe

Janelle’s outfit last night was a study in embellishments, textures, crystals and gems so it’s really saying something that in the midst of all that, her hair still managed to make a mark. Janelle debuted a new short-cropped pixie haircut last night, topped off with an embellished headband.

Ruth Negga

Ruth Negga also sported a statement bejeweled headpiece in a short-cropped haircut. Looks like the flavor of the season is short, choppy haircuts decorated with bold hair accessories. Ruth’s hair was raked back to create more height and volume towards the back of the crown, and you can see that she sports a subtly slick, piece-y texture. In a night of spectacular accessories and jewels, I do think Ruth’s blood red, ruby-studded Irene Neuwirth piece wins my best accessories vote. It harks back to the time Elizabeth Taylor famously wore her tiara to the 1957 Oscars and it’s a bold, bold move.

Scarlett Johansson

You probably didn’t think you’d be reading the words “rockabilly chic” in reference to the Oscars but that’s exactly the mood stylist Jenny Cho was going for with Scarlett Johansson’s hair for the Oscars. Most women shy away from hairstyles and accents like the pompadour and quiff because they do carry a strong masculine energy with them but Scarlett balances the punk rocker hair perfectly with an ethereal gown. Love the contrast between the big, poofy crown and the buzzed-down sides.

Sofia Carson

Another sparkly hair accessory makes the cut! This one’s a lot more delicate and traditional in comparison to Ruth and Janelle’s pieces, but no less spectacular. For her first time on the Oscars Red Carpet, Sofia Carson has made quite an impact. The super-slick crown, side-part and twisted bun have all the makings of a classic, glamorous hairstyle and the floral bejeweled barrette adds a dash of fun to the hairdo.

Taraji P. Henson

Taraji has been setting red carpets on fire this entire awards season with her sexy, edgy bob and the 2017 Oscars were no different. What is different, though, is how it was styled this time around. Maintaining the tousled texture, Taraji’s stylist Tymothe Wallace added extra volume with curls and a side part to channel some Old Hollywood glamour into a decidedly modern haircut. Wallace shared that his inspiration behind the look was 80s star Diahann Carroll and her look on the hit TV show Dynasty.

Viola Davis

Viola Davis continues to raise the bar for women the world over with her inimitable sense of style, unveiling a striking new haircut for the night. Moving from her curly, tousled bob into a sleek, razor-sharp pixie haircut, Viola’s was one of the 2017 Oscars’ biggest hair transformations. And it’s no ordinary pixie either. Cropping away at the sides and back, Viola’s stylist left a significant amount of length up front, creating a layered, asymmetrical pixie.

It is only right that an event created to honor the cinematic and associated arts and crafts is a source of such inspiration and beauty. What a memorable night. Which were your favorite hairstyles from the 2017 Oscars?