Best Hairstyles From The 2017 Grammy Awards

If you’re a fashion and style enthusiastic, life just does not get better than this weekend. Two major awards show in one evening? Dozens of celebrities lighting up the red carpets? Endless hairstyles and fashion statements to deconstruct and recreate? Yes, please!

I’ve got to say this: the 2017 Grammy Awards might just be my favorite event from the 2017 awards season because of the sheer number of unusual hairstyles we saw. The BAFTAs were marked by sophisticated hairstyles but the Grammys were all about quirky, spirited choices. Here are some hairstyles that caught my eye.


I love how Adele’s signature style –dramatic eyeliner, voluminous hairstyle, retro trends– was at the core of her look at the 2017 Grammys, but with a twist. Her usually French twist/ bouffant has been tweaked a bit so that it looks more piled than pleated.

You just can’t do retro-inspired hairstyles with big curls as a textural base and I love how Adele’s strands cascade down one side in the softest, most romantic manner ever. There’s so much body and movement but it all looks so soft. Pro tip? Adele’s stylist has revealed that to keep the hair looking natural, he eschewed the usual combs and picks and instead did the bulk of the work with his hands. So you take a glamorous formal updo but make it look a little lived-in.

The honey-blonde color is also perfect for spring and summer.

Andra Day

Another lady who gets her style inspiration from the golden past is singer Andra Day. Her aesthetic is so deeply rooted in vintage sensibilities that looking at her is sort of like falling back in time. And yet, she manages to belong very much in the here and now by adding unpredictable, and sometimes outrageous, touches to her retro-inspired style choices.

Last night, for example, she dotted her 60s-inspired voluminous waves with real flowers and ribbon accessories. The massive waves and tons of height/ volume at the crown are the sort of hairdo we’re used to seeing on Lana Del Ray. The hairdo is statement enough in itself but she’s decked it out and made it even more striking. Points for panache.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is a sassy, sexy and intelligent lady and her style is proof of her colorful, powerful personality. Her wet-look piece-y lob from last night is stunning.

Wet-look hairstyles can be tricky to pull off but Chrissy’s is just glossy enough to count but not so much so that it looks greasy. To recreate the texture at home add some mousse to partly-damp hair, style to create waves and then finish with a gloss-boosting hairspray.

As you can see, Chrissy’s sporting an electric combination of highlights and lowlights. Her hair looks like it’s constantly moving between light and shadows and there’s an almost dizzying, hypnotic quality to it if you stare at the lengths long enough.

Kat Graham

I am a big fan of minimalism, strong clean lines and classic shapes when it comes to hairstyling. Yes, experimentation is fun. Editorial concepts and artistic hairstyles and crazy colors all make my work so much fun but in my heart, I enjoy the classics more than anything else. Which is why the current revivalism of subtle, sophisticated styling has me overjoyed. And Kat Graham’s hair from yesterday is one of my top picks of the night.

The hair is divided into 2 segments: the front, which is further parted into two sides and the back, which boasts some volume at the crown and falls long, loose and straight down the back. There are distinct but understated lines and planes at play here so that the layperson actually feels instead of sees the depth of styling.

While Kat’s hair here was obviously intended to be the ideal foil to her statement glitter lip, in my opinion it’s the kind of hairstyle every woman can where everywhere she goes.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s voluminous, messy high ponytail is the glammed-up version of your everyday ponytail and it looks fantastic. The pink-tinged and coral-tipped ends set just the mood for spring. It’s fun, fresh, vibrant and actually pretty wearable, coming from Gaga/

Paris Jackson

Paris’ shaggy, voluminous haircut is sure to make its way to a ton of summer 2017 hairstyle inspiration boards. It ticks all the ‘beachy’ and ‘boho’ style boxes. There’s a tiny braid playing peek-a-boo on one side, and that particular detail helps create a contrast between the volume up top and on one side and an undercut-like effect where the braid is.

This look is all about the texture. You can create it in bobs, lobs and shag-cuts of any length and thickness. Begin by washing your hair and allowing it to air-dry for about 10 minutes. Then run a dollop of mousse through your hair. If you’ve got very fine hair, be sure to use a volumizing product. Then, using a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment flip your hair upside down and begin drying your hair. Keep scrunching with your fingers as you go along as well and really, really build up the volume. Once you’re done, part and style your hair anyway you like and be sure to add some hairspray.


This is the year of keeping things natural, and when it comes to hairstyling, nothing is as beautiful as celebrating natural hair texture. Solange’s gravity-defying curls are fierce and fabulous. I love the crazy height and shape that’s been achieved here, and that auburn-brunette hair color deserves a shoutout too. While the hairstyle is definitely quirky, it’s also really smart: notice how it plays off the unusual neckline of her outfit? Genius.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these hairstyles as much as I have. We’re getting closer to the 2017 Oscars and they’re sure to be fabulous. In the meantime, give these hair trends a go!