Men’s Spring Summer 2017 Hair Trends

In my last post I mentioned we would soon be doing a spot of trend forecasting for men’s hairstyles for Spring Summer 2017. Well, here it is. Hot off the runways and freshly picked for you. If you fancy a change, here is some inspiration for Spring Summer 2017 men’s hair trends that are going to be major. As I’ve said before, it’s never too soon to start planning.

Calvin Klein

Long established as the brand in luxury menswear for those who prefer minimalistic styling and understated elegance, Calvin Klein’s domination over men’s fashion is going to continue well into 2017. And a short look at the Calvin Klein Men’s Spring Summer 2017 collection is enough to confirm that the no-fuss no-muss look is going to continue to wear well into much of next year.

Short, classic cuts with forehead-skimming fringes are on offer from Calvin Klein, effortlessly blending preppy couture with boardroom chic. Ask your stylist to define the fringes with a razor, to create the iconic ‘peaks’ and add some drama to the look. Bonus points for hairstyles that play up the jawline!

If you want a Spring Summer 2017 men’s hairstyle that’s timeless and always looks proper and put-together, this is it. No going wrong with this one.

Dolce & Gabbana

The tricky thing with men’s fashion (and all fashion, really) is that styles can sometimes fit so squarely into certain categories that it can be really tough to make them work across the board. Spikes can’t work in business meetings, comb-overs may not fly at the beach, cropped cuts can be too severe and so on. And yet, the reason why the major names in fashion exist is because they show us how to challenge these notions, how to work with them and discard them and adapt them.

And that’s exactly what the Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2017 showcase does. It proves that you can look good, feel great and be occasion appropriate ALL the time, with a bit of styling smarts. In fact, the men’s hair trend I’ve picked today incorporates all the ‘rules’ I touched upon above and proves them wrong in one swift, sexy style.

Here we have some enviable height at the front, with hair that’s spiked up and also slightly swept back, offset with short sides. The look is clearly working with a suit (even if it’s jazzier than your typical workplace fare) and you can also imagine the haircut fitting in perfectly at the seaside or a club. The trick is in incorporating some of 2016’s hottest men’s hair trends and creating a look that is going to be a major Spring Summer 2017 men’s trend. To keep spiky hair from veering into frat-boy territory, avoid conical spikes and instead simply ‘raise’ the hair up with a strong-hold hairstyling cream and soft the top a bit by flattening it out with your palm and shaping it into a sweeping style, thus bringing in the grown-up vibe that makes comb-over men’s hairstyles such a hot favorite.

Dolce & Gabbana as a brand is known for some seriously dramatic style sensibilities that somehow manage to walk the line between classic and crazy and I’m so happy to see they’re continuing to serve up great inspiration with men’s hairstyles as well.


It was fascinating to see how quickly the hairstyles from the Gucci Spring Summer 2017 showcase made their way to the streets. Mapping the transition of any hair trend from runway to roadside is always interesting, and it can be a painstaking task because it can take weeks for trends to really translate and manifest. And yet, in this case, it was almost instantaneous, which is why I’ve picked photos taken off-runway.

The hair on the runway was a tad bit more theatrical, more structured while the real-life iteration is a little more relaxed, more guy-next-door-with-looks-to-kill. Same flair, albeit with a softer vibe.

Gucci continues to push the envelope on androgynous fashion, with the Spring Summer 2017 show featuring both male and female models. And the essence is reflected in the hairstyles, which are the sort of shaggy, short-medium layered cuts that have a distinctive unisex appeal to them. We’re talking hair that has a sweeping, wave-like quality to it and looks like it’s always in motion, even in moments of complete stillness. If you prefer men’s hairstyles that have a boyish charm, a little bit of moody angst mixed in with a beachy spirit, your pick for men’s spring-summer 2017 hairstyles is right here.

Work with your stylist to choose a length that works for your face and is also one you can manage comfortably on a day-to-day basis. Remember to keep more length and volume up top, regardless, so you can rock the side-parted, swooping crown that makes this hot men’s hair trend all that it is.

Pal Zileri

Craving something a little edgier, a little tougher? These slicked-back men’s hairstyles from the Pal Zileri Spring Summer 2017 showcase are just what the stylist ordered. It’s a strong look, it’s severe and if you’re detecting a slight Godafather-esque vibe there, you’re not alone. Let’s credit making the scene seem so darned stylish to good old Hollywood and get ourselves a bit of the Sicilian style next spring, shall we? You can stay on the right side of the law and look a million bucks, thanks to the very latest in men’s hair trends.

So there you have it: four of next season’s hottest men’s style trends. Spring Summer 2017 trends are already shaping up to be a major topic and we’ll continue deconstructing the latest scoops right here in the weeks to come. Watch this space for more!