Best Hair Trends From London Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2018-2019

Today, we’re looking at the best hair trends and hairstyles from the London Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2018-2019. Over the years, we’ve come to expect the more elegant, more timeless hair trends from London Fashion Week. Each of the four fashion capitals has a unique signature, one that usually translates onto the runways. It almost always happens that the most elegant and understated hair trends come out of the London Fashion Week, so this year’s collection of OTT bouffant updos and intricate braids is a fun surprise.


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It feels like it has been forever since we saw any fun ponytail hairstyles on the runway or the red carpet. Awards season tends to feature so many updos, buns and classic open hair looks that ponytails tend to disappear from the spotlight for a few months. Which is why this particular twisty ponytail hairstyle from the Ashish Autumn Winter 2018-2019 London Fashion Week show caught my eye. Styling the ponytail itself is really easy. You only have to secure your hair into a low ponytail and then use curling tongs to add the shape. Try to divide your hair into no more than 3-4 sections because you don't want each curled piece to stand apart on its own. You will have to gently blend them in together without losing definition, and that’s going to be a lot easier if you work with fewer sections and make it look like the entire ponytail is curling in on itself. Remember to curl inwards – from the outside in towards your face. The short, flat blunt bangs also do a great job of drawing focus to the face and providing a sharp contrast to the soft, flow-y form of the ponytail.


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Vintage hairstyles will forever remain a favorite of mine. Everything from the Old Hollywood waves to the oh-so-retro pin curls: it all works, every time! The pinned-in marcel waves are such a great way to dress up any hairstyle in a jiffy and keep the hairline/ bangs neat. For a fun contrast, you can style the finger waves as an accent against a poker straight ponytail. For a more glamorous look, style your hair into a chignon. You can play around with keeping the pins in if you like; for a funky futuristic take on the look, try getting your hands on some chrome-finish hair accessories if you can.

Mary Katrantzou

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Longtime readers of my blog will know that the ‘mafioso chic’ or ‘Sicily style’ look is one I always enjoy seeing on and off the runways. There’s something so satisfying about that edgy, slicked-back, wet-look rakish hairstyle that never fails to please me. It’s an old favorite. The only thing new this time around is that we’re finally seeing it on women! Yep, the timeless suave gangster hairstyle from The Godfather to The Goodfellas is embracing the universal call for more girl power. The androgynous beauty trend that was such a major hit a few seasons back continues to raise its head every now and then and if you’re into androgynous hair trends, you’re going to love this one. We’re balancing the brushed-back, slicked-down punchiness with softer mid-lengths and ends and natural, delicate makeup.

On Off Presents

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I never thought the phrase ‘vintage space cadet’ would be one I’d be using, but that’s just the vibe I got from the On Off London Fall 2018 runway. A look that’s equal parts retro and futuristic. Lots of fun! Unexpected as it was, the exaggerated beehive updo we saw at the On Off show during the Fall 2018 London Fashion Week wasn’t the only one of its kind. These maxed out bouffants seem to be having a moment because I also spotted other iterations of the look at the Tata-Naka show and on the Ashish Fall 2018 runway. I loved the On Off variant for the sheer craziness of the look. Everything from the height and the volume to the wet-look finish and the sculpted bangs is so extra. Not the most wearable hair trend from the Autumn Winter 2018-2019 London Fashion Week, but definitely one of the most fun!  

Simone Rocha

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I was starting to worry we’d never see a braid at the London Autumn 2018 Fashion Week so thank heavens for the Simone Rocha Fall 2018 runway! Love the romantic, double-braided down-do. It’s a very dramatic, very elaborate hairstyle but the flyaways and natural texture keep it from looking stiff and artificial. There’s a vaguely Victorian flavor to the hairstyle but the straight, sleek ends really help accelerate the braids to the present. Black ribbons continue to be some of my favorite hair accessories because they’re just the thing for grown women who want to try on hair ribbons and bows without looking twee. This was definitely one of the more formal, more labor-heavy hairstyles to come out of the London Fashion Week but one that’s well worth the effort.

Temperley London

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The soft, side-parted wavy bob from Temperley London is one of my favorite hair trends from London Fall 2018 Fashion Week. The single, deep wave adds such a striking note to the look and dresses up the now-iconic sleek bob. Instead of adding waves down the entire length, keep it limited to one defined S-wave about brow-high, keeping the crown soft and natural and the rest smooth. Some of the models wore their hair with the bend of the wave pulled low to the front, by the brow, creating a strong accent along the hairline. I prefer the softer variant for everyday wear. This is the perfect modern romantic hairstyle: low-maintenance and crisp but also pretty.

I’ll be coming back with the best hair trends from the Paris Autumn Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Week next. Watch this space.