The Watermelon Hair Color Trend

Ready to make a splash this summer? The latest hair color trend to hit the scene couldn’t be more season-appropriate: the watermelon hair color trend is summer 2016’s latest hair color craze! As far as summer hair color trends go, this fresh ‘n’ fruity trend is just the thing you need to serve up that perfect summer style sorbet.

As the name suggests this hair color trend has been inspired by none other than everyone’s favorite summertime snack, the watermelon. If you just can’t get enough of watermelon-inspired things on Pinterest (from margaritas to manicures) this is one trend that is sure to hit the sweet spot.

The watermelon hair color trend marries shimmering greens with punchy pinks to create one of the most delectable looks of the season. Admittedly, it’s not the most wearable or work-appropriate look but if you’re off for the summer or can afford to play with hair colors, I definitely recommend giving this one a try.

Both red and green dyes wear reasonably well in dark hair as well as light hair. Unlike the pastel hair color trends that simply don’t work in dark hair, the watermelon hair color trend can be adapted to a darker base. That said, your stylist will still have to prep your hair to receive (and retain) the colors properly and will most probably want to lighten the base a few degrees to create the right transition color for when the green fades out and gives way to the red.

As I say for every new trend- you can adapt the watermelon hair color trend to your own personal tastes as well. From paler moss greens and pink-lemonade corals to darker emerald and ruby tones, you can wear the colors as vivid or subtle as you like. You could choose to wear the colors in an ombré-esque gradient, fading from one to the other or you could ask your stylist to blend in the colors in different streaks/ sections all over the head or even do a half-and-half take for a really striking effect. And if you’re not feeling bold enough to commit to watermelon hair or you have only a few short weeks of summer vacation, consider trying the trend out with hair color chalks and spray-on dyes. And another great way to experiment with hair color without running the risk of being inappropriate (think workplace, university, etc.) is to go for ‘hidden under-lights’: this basically involves painting on a particular hair color trend onto the underside of your hair, keeping the main (read, visible) portions as they are. Doing so essentially allows you to ‘hide’ the wacky bits whenever you need to, which means you can have all sorts of fun with hair color this summer without worrying about dress codes and official rules and all that.

Be sure to check out Instagram for more inspiration on this fabulously fun hair trend. And if you do decide to give it a go, tag me and let me know how you like your new look.