2017 Trend Forecast: What’s Going To Be Hot For Hair This Year

2017 Trend Forecast: What’s Hot For Hair This Year

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you’ve had a great start to 2017 and are ready to get down to business: today we’re going to be taking a look at what you can expect from 2017 hair trends.

#1 The Mood

If I can sum up everything hair-related that’s coming your way in 2017 in one word, I’d go with ‘classic’. 2017 is going to be the year that marks the revival of all the best in hairstyling: old school understated elegance and sophisticated glamour. No frills and cheap thrills here: 2017 hair trends are all about timeless beauty and trends that aren’t ‘trends’ so much so as fashion fundamentals.

#2 The Cuts

We’ve seen a lot of pixies, angled bobs and asymmetrical cuts over the past few seasons and while I enjoy them as much as the next person, I’m thrilled to see an upsurge of interest in the more traditional, elegant haircuts and styles. We’re talking longer lengths –shoulder length and beyond–, cleaner lines and unfussy cuts. It’s all about creating and celebrating natural shapes and volumes so I expect to see a lot of ‘soft U’ cuts and even lengths in the coming months.

#3 The Colors

Hair color trends in 2017 are going to shift back towards the ‘normal tones’ of the color spectrum. I’m talking various shades of the natural hues: brunettes, blondes, reds and ebony. I’m particularly excited to see how the celebrities deploy the ‘natural glam hair color trend’ in the coming weeks during the 2017 awards season. Going darker or lighter than your usual base is a great way to experiment with hair color without doing anything too crazy.

Another way to play around with the softer hair colors is to add lowlights and highlights to your base. It’s a great technique for adding movement to dark bases and striking a balance between deep and light hair colors. If you want to start out small, ask your colorist to place streaks around the face only. The natural glam hair color trend is classy and low-maintenance, and style just doesn’t get better than that.

As far as techniques go, I’ll be playing around with a lot of hand-painted balayage-like techniques in soft V-shapes for diffused dimensionality.

#4 The Textures

We saw a lot of really amped up, played up textures last year and in keeping with the overall mood, expect the total opposite in 2017. The dominant hairstyle for 2017 is super straight, super sleek hair with a strong middle part. Think Cher and Morticia Adams but with softer makeup to balance out the drama.

If you do want to experiment with a softer wavier texture, know this: ringlets, curls and beachy waves belong in 2016. Relaxed texture for 2017 is all about barely-there flat waves. Use a flat iron to introduce the most minimalistic kinks in your hair, keeping the ‘waves’ far apart and loose. Keep the ends straight to keep up with this year’s hottest hair texture.

The one exception to this rule is going to be volume. 2017 is going to be the year of classic, vintage-y hair trends and nothing defines the golden years of Hollywood quite like massive volume. And now, we’re seeing a combination of the two major trends of the year –straight, sleek texture and dramatic volume– pop up, like with Natalie Portman’s glorious Jackie O-inspired half-up half-down hairstyle at the 2017 Golden Globe awards.

#5 The Return of Glam

The last few seasons have been all about unconventional and/or laidback styling. The mood has veered between confrontational and carefree: from messy textures and lived-in looks to crazy colors and radical cuts. In 2017, the spirit of hairstyling is going to return to a place of genteel sensibilities, deliberate styling and a sense of formality. We’re talking intentional glamour over accidental attractiveness. Think Old Hollywood hairstyles like retro waves, French twists and bouffants. There’s a lot to be said for funky and quirky cuts and colors being balanced with understated makeup and accessories for special occasions but we’re now returning to a place where formal hairstyles will be given their due.

#6 The Men

The biggest 2017 men’s grooming trend is going to be a movement of sorts; call it an awakening if you will: I see a definite interest in active, conscious decision-making regarding choosing hairstyle and beard combos. For the most part, most guys have always had a signature look or a particular hairstyle/ facial hair look that they always sport. Even when they choose to experiment with one element, the other usually goes unnoticed. Except your standard beard/haircut might not fall into placed with a cool new look.

This year I expect men to pay more attention to different aspects of grooming that work well together and are great style statements as of themselves as well as in totality. I’ll be crafting a beard-hairstyle cheat sheet soon just for you guys!

#7 The End of Extremes

The primary driving force behind 2017 hair trends is a return to the basics, but basic doesn’t mean boring, far from it! It’s stylish, luxurious and bold. The classics don’t have to leap out and grab you by the eyeballs: they are the conversation. 2017 is going to be the year that the extreme hair color trends craze finally fizzles out a little bit. I’m sure we’ll see the pop of unusual color every now and then but the real statement this year is going to be polished, mature colors with an emphasis on healthy, shiny and thick hair.

In a nutshell, the vibe this year is a lot more grown-up, a lot more powerful.