Best Hairstyles From The 2017 BAFTA Awards

Such a busy, busy weekend. And so much fun! The 70th British Academy Film Awards Red Carpet was a proper star-studded affair, and quite possibly the most glamorous run of this awards season so far. 

Anya Taylor-Joy                 

I can never resist a perfectly styled ponytail, and Anya Taylor-Joy’s center-parted, low-slung pony was one of the best of the night. A tiny bit of volume at the crown makes the ponytail more glamorous, while still keeping the look very fresh and fuss-free. Perfect for showing off a busy neckline and jewelry.

Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce continues to be my go-to example of how to make red hair work all the time, and last night was no exception. You’d think that a topknot would have no place on a formal red carpet but this twisty bun is fab. For contrast, keep the crown base very smooth. A full, face-framing graduated fringe is a major style statement on its own, but keeping the rest of the hair up and away balances the look out.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

It’s not often that the royalty attend these events so it’s no wonder that all eyes were on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they made their way on the 2017 BAFTAs Red Carpet. Kate Middleton’s style evolution is one of the best-documented in recent times and her signature look is widely accepted as the perfect balance of timelessness and trendiness.

Last night, she traded in her usual blowout for a massive bouffant-and-twisted-bun updo. It’s definitely a dramatic look for Catherine, and perfect for the event. She’s obviously someone who is used to living in the spotlight, but its no mean feat to be able to hold your own in a sea of people for whom looking stylish at all times is a part of their trade. Kate’s updos are usually more closely packed and of the braided variety so I do enjoy this somewhat unpredictable choice of hers. Also worth noting: bouffants can end up looking stiff and helmet-like but Kate’s looks soft to the touch and the few loose wispy strands help as well.

Emily Blunt

There was something unbelievably dreamy about Emily Blunt’s look last night: the twisted updo played off against the bold bodice of her gown and statement lip perfectly. Note how drawing the parting just slightly off-center creates this beautiful swooping shape at the hairline when you roll and tuck back the front. It’s a rather romantic hairstyle, and one I think will work perfectly for Spring Summer 2017 brides.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone’s BAFTA win for La La Land was one of last night’s big moments –and her style did justice to her moment. Emma rocked one of 2017’s biggest hair trends: ultra sleek, ultra long hair. If you look closely, you’ll see that her side parting runs at an angle along the natural curve of the head and not straight back, as is usual. Doing so really helps frame the face at the hairline, adds natural volume at the crown and it’s also a softer look than the standard side part. The hairstyle is sophisticated but minimalistic and the right fit for her metallic, bejeweled outfit.

Jessica Brown Findlay

The erstwhile Lady Sybil Crawley from Downton Abbey was the picture of modern style sensibilities last evening, sporting two of 2017’s hottest hair trends: buttery platinum blonde hair and a softly-messy bob. If the textured, tousled bobs aren’t your thing but you don’t want something super angular and sleek either, here’s how you walk the line between the two extremes. Keep the texture very soft, with just a hint of waviness from the mid-lengths on. Part the bob to one side to create volume at the crown. The ends are softer and more blunted than we’ve come to see in most bobs recently. To add some 90s drama and diffuse the starkness of the bleached bob, opt for darker roots.

Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton brought some major drama to the BAFTAs last evening. She was seen sporting 2017’s breakthrough hair trend: super long, super straight hair parted down the middle. A lot of my clients hesitate when it comes to coloring their hair dark because it can look harsh and tends to limit styling options given that the more intricate hairstyles like braids just don’t show up as well as they do in light hair. But when you color it right, dark hair is absolutely gorgeous. Thandie’s deep chocolate, woodsy brown base has a soft mahogany cast that lends warmer, auburn undertones to the strands. You can see her hair catching the light and reflecting an oxblood hue in places and the effect is delicious. And when you’ve got a powerful, sensual base like this even the most classic hairstyles come alive like never before.

Which of these looks did you enjoy the most? There were so many other hairstyles at the 2017 BAFTAs that I loved, including Viola Davis’ perfectly tousled, piece-y bob. Next up, we’re going to cover the best hairstyles from the 2017 Grammy Awards. Stay tuned.