Best Hairstyles From Paris Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2017

Wrapping up the final segment of the Autumn Winter 2017 runway, here is my take on the best hairstyles to come out of Paris Fall 2017 Fashion Week. There was a healthy mix of artsy and wearable hairstyles on display, with a couple of really creative hair color trends to boot.


Retro pin curls get an upgrade in this slick and shellacked tight updo. You can wear the pin curls as the primary hair trend or as a hair accent with ponytails, buns and updos. Notice how the model’s long hair has been tightly packed into a flattened bun at the back to create the illusion of much shorter hair? The [faux] length, hairstyle and detailing have a very Twenties Flapper feel while the glossy texture and precise definition create a very modern, slightly vampy mood.


Combining two universal favorites –ponytails and braids– is this simple yet striking hairdo from the Balmain Fall 2017 runway. You know, if you had to pick one or two braiding styles to master (because let’s admit it, it’s a time-consuming and strenuous activity) I would recommend the fishtail braid and the Dutch braid. The Dutch braid really pops against any base and is the ultimate cool-girl 3D braid. Tiny Dutch braids make for excellent cornrow-inspired hair accents while the bigger, fatter Dutch braids can make a simple ponytail like this one look runway-ready.

Elie Saab

Looking for romantic updos for spring weddings and autumn dinners? This textured, twisted off-center bun from Elie Saab Autumn Winter 2017 is just the thing. What’s so special about yet another side bun updo, you ask? To begin with, those statement headbands are spectacular. Admittedly, they don’t make for everyday wear so you can swap them in for a more classic dark leather headband if you’d rather wear this hair around the workplace. That said, I do recommend investing in a couple of statement hair accessories because they are fantastic for special occasions. Transform the bun into a formal updo by building volume at the crown just behind the headband. Backcomb a smidge to create a soft beehive before you make the bun. Once everything’s in place and you’ve got the headband on, slide the tail end of a rattail comb and gently lift up to puff up the beehive a bit more, while keeping a firm hand on the hadband. You can keep the front really flat for extra contrast or allow natural volume for a softer look.

Haider Ackermann

What do you get when you combine a bowl cut with a luxurious, full, fat, asymmetrical fringe? This year’s hottest breakout trend: the androgynous beauty trend. The key to adding a hint of femininity to androgynous hairstyles is in working with thick, healthy hair so that we’ve got a lot of natural body and curves to soften up the look a bit. It’s such a kick how just an inch of extra hair at the end of the fringe can jolt you out of your stupor and make the hairstyle look equal parts edgy and fluid. Now, you don’t have to get a bowl cut to be able to recreate the look: just as is the case with bobs, you can fake a bowl cut too! Just style the bulk of your hair far behind the head to keep it create from showing at the front. A tight bun, a flat braid or a low ponytail can all help the illusion while you keep the bangs front and center.

Issey Miyake

I’ve previously talked about how the rainbow hair color trend and its many variants like the mermaid hair color trend are going to take a backseat this year. However, I did love these peacock-inspired hair colors at the Issey Miyake Fall 2017 show. We saw a couple of different color combinations, mostly in the peacock and mermaid color spectrums- shimmery blues, greens and purples and it’s this really clever placement that caught my eye. From a distance, it looks like a head wrap and this is a smart combination of hair color and hairstyling techniques. To me, the seamless blending of colors and the diffused metallic finish are what set this particular hair color trend apart from all its predecessors. If you’re tempted but uncertain, you can always get a bottom layer of your hair colored: the trick is an industry favorite for disguising wild hair color while experimenting with the quirkier trends at the same time.

Masha Ma

The secret to making potentially twee hairstyles look good is in making them outrageous. Up the art factor and you can move from precious to Parisienne. Double ponytails wouldn’t typically make it to my list, but this particular iteration has a couple of things going for it: the height adds a ton of volume and drama to the look, the style manages to walk the line between schoolgirl and Harley Quinn, and the subtle heart shape create by the falling hair is an interesting focal point at the back.

Thierry Mugler

The power ponytail gets a boost for 2017 in this slicked down, quiffed-up version from the Thierry Mugler Fall 2017 runway. The high side part, razor-sharp textural details and front pouf accent add a lot of drama to the classic low ponytail- and you it’s all supremely easy to style. All you really need for this look is a wet-look hairstyling mousse and a fine-toothed pintail comb so you can get that piece-y raked texture to really show up.

While the colored hair-headbands from the Issey Miyake show stole the top color trend spot for me, I do recommend checking out photos from the Leonard Fall 2017 runway as well: I recently talked about how the silver-sage hair color trend is another one to watch out for this year and the slightly brighter, blonde-green hair from the Leonard is definitely worth a dekko.


Which of these hair trends from the Paris Autumn Winter 2017 Fashion Week will you be trying?