Best Hairstyles From All Autumn Winter 2017 /2018 Fashion Week

I’m finally ready to bid adieu to the Fall 2017 Fashion Week. As always, it’s been such fun spotting new trends and seeing some old favorites return to the limelight. We’ve already checked out the best hair trends to come out of each of the four cities and today, we’re going to do a review of the best hairstyles from Autumn Winter 2017 Fashion Week as a whole. You’ll find recaps of some familiar looks from my previous posts as well as a couple of new hair trends we haven’t covered yet.

Alberto Zambelli

A dominant trend on the Fall 2017 runways – in both the men’s and women’s editions– has been the creative hairline trend. From unusual hair parts to artistic hair accents, we’re looking at exciting new ways to draw attention right to the face. These hair ‘trends’ follow the ‘minimal effort, maximum impact’ motto and are really fun and wearable. The best part about this hair trend is that it makes dressing up easy, everyday hairdos a breeze. And since most people will anyway be paying attention to your face and not the back of your head, you can concentrate all the effort where it really matters and take it easy with the rest.

One of my favorite examples of creative hairstyling is the zigzag ridge accent to come out of the Alberto Zambelli Milan Fall 2017 show. Whoever would have thought you could find hairstyling inspiration in Toblerone bars?


Retro hairstyles continue to influence global fashion trends, and every now and then we see a vintage-inspired hair trend with a modern tweak. These slick, tightly sculpted pin curls offer a sharper, more textured version of the softer ‘do from the yesteryears. This particular look is also a great example of how to fake a super short haircut in long hair: notice how the back actually disguises the length in tight, flat bun?

Christian Siriano

My vote for the Best Braid of the Fall 2017 Fashion Week goes to this segmented fishtail braid from the Christian Siriano Fall 2017 show at New York Fashion Week. It’s striking, and so easy to recreate. All you have to do is make a fishtail braid, but instead of styling all of your hair into a single braid, just divide it up into smaller segments. Begin by securing your hair into a ponytail: this really helps with the braiding process and keeps the base tight and the braid in place through the day. Then you can get started: braid a bit, finish off the segment with a tight hair tie and then start the next one immediately underneath. Pro tip: leaving a bigger chunk of unbraided hair at the bottom creates the illusion of longer hair.


Blunt, chin-lengths bobs with full, straight fringes are one of 2017’s biggest hair trend so far. The look is edgy and chic, but also very low-maintenance, which explains why it’s such a hot favorite with so many women. In fact, I’ve been keeping a track of the trend’s evolution and I’ve noted that it is especially a hit with busy mums and working women (just log onto a few Instagram parenting-themed accounts and you’ll see I’m right) and I really love that a really deserving audience that often gets ignored by the hottest hair trends is now the primary focus. Cut right, the blunt bob with bangs can be worn by most face shapes, with only minor adjustments in length (overall and that of the bangs) needed to suit the individual wearer. Wear the bob straight for a bold look everyday and curl the main lengths while keeping the bangs smooth for a flirtier, funkier mood.

Simonetta Ravizza

Fancy something even shorter than the blunt bob? This short-cropped haircut from the Simonetta Ravizza Fall 2017 showcase at Milan is the perfect in cool, classic styling. Women’s cropped haircuts tend to work with slightly longer and more voluminous hair to retain some of the softness that goes with the traditionally feminine hairstyles. We’re used to seeing wispy pixies with big, fluffy fringes. And so, this rather boyish haircut with barely-there bangs is a bold new move in women’s fashion. The teeny-tiny bangs soften up the hairline just a bit but don’t actually work to counter the unapologetically pared-down aesthetic. Minimalism is a theme we’re going to see a lot more of in 2017’s hair and beauty trends.

That’s a wrap on for my pick of the best hair trends from the Autumn Winter 2017-2018 Fashion Week. And don’t wait till fall: there’s enough inspiration here to keep you busy for the entire year!