Top Hair Trends From New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017

It’s that time of the year again: Fashion Week’s here folks! We’re wrapping up the New York segment today with a look at the best hairstyles from the New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017 runways.

NYFW turned up a lot of really wearable, pretty hairstyles, which is always a neat development. The artistic/ editorial styles are great for advanced stylists and niche tastes but if you’re looking for inspiration on how to take your everyday hairstyles to the next level, the New York Fashion Week shows had a ton of great hairstyles to pick from.

Marissa Webb

First up, we have a great back-to-school hairstyle that’s perfect for fall: a dressy ponytail. It’s the perfect hairstyle for college, lunches and dates and you can throw it together in a few minutes.

Brush your hair out to get rid of any tangles and comb the crown back. If you’re new to styling, begin with a middle parting, as two distinct sections will make styling easier.

Start at the top of one ear: take the hair at the hairline and just start twisting it in on itself. Keep twisting and working your way down to the nape of your neck. To get a thick coil, you’ll have to keep gathering the hair on the ‘outside’ (the hairline) and rolling it inwards: it’s actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it. When you reach the neck, just secure the roll in place with an elastic band.

Repeat the same technique on the other side as well.  

Now, you can remove the two bands and blend the loose hair into a single ponytail. Wear as is, or add some curls for extra flair. You can also go a step further and make a half-ponytail or looped bun with the loose hair. Just gather it up, fold in half and secure with an elastic band, leaving the ends poking out. For a more intricate style, fold the hair up, create loops and draw the hair through: you can do this several times if you have long hair. Going from a daytime ponytail to a formal updo has never been easier!

Michael Costello

The mood is very Victorian Goth, but you can tone it down with different makeup. There’s something about the combination of dark, berry-infused makeup and retro-esque hair that instantly evokes this whole ‘underbelly of Old Hollywood’ mood. The models were outfitted with some magnificent floral headpieces for the ramp, but out here we care about the details-under-the-drama.

I’m loving the glam waves and soft, wispy texture. It’s a great case for how vintage hairstyles can be paired up with avant-garde makeup to unexpected results. The red/ berry eye makeup trend has been picking up steam post Kristen Stewart’s Cannes’ appearances and the entire combination is just great for fall.

Style your hair into loose waves using a large barreled curling wand or foam rollers; brush the hair out to break the waves up a bit. The style can be worn loose, with a side parting for a Veronica Lake-vibe or piled up and pinned carefully onto the crown into a romantic updo.

Nicholas K

I’m calling this one Sk8r Barbie. It’s just such a cheeky take on an otherwise basic hairstyle that you can’t help but give it a second look.

The key elements of this hairstyle are:

·      A really smooth, flawlessly smoothened-down crown.

·      Poker-straight hair to emphasize all the details.

·      A really high high-ponytail. Start where you’d normally arrange a top knot and push a couple of bobby pins into the base to secure it into place and prevent slipping through the day.

·      The wrapped base that creates a sort of fountain-effect that the main ponytail emerges out of. Just take a section of hair once your ponytail is ready and wind it around the base. Tuck the ends under and in, adding some more pins to hold everything together.


Serving up some 90s fabulousness at the R13 show at NYFW SS17 with some serious grunge hair. The grunge hair trend popped up on the radar earlier this year and the Fashion Week SS17 sighting is all the confirmation we need.

The trick to making the grunge hair trend look high fashion is in getting the texture right. You want to recreate the trademark 90s piece-y, stringy texture without veering into iffy-scruffy territory. Instead of wearing the look in unclean hair, use styling products to mimic the texture. Work in clean, preferably blow-dried hair so that the base is polished. Use styling paste or mouse and work with your fingers to scrunch up the hair and separate it into the ‘piece-y’ sections you can see. The dichotomy between the obvious grunginess and the styled base is how we’re doing the 90s this time around.

Rachel Comey

If the chokers, grunge hair and the earth-tone makeup trends haven’t been proof enough, here’s some irrefutable evidence that the Nineties really are coming back: permed hair is back! If you’ve got naturally curly hair, now’s the time to flaunt it. Tight coils and spirals are in- and how! If you’ve got straight or wavy hair, you will want to style it into more defined ringlets to rock this look.

If getting a perm is too extreme (early days yet!) you can have your stylist set your hair such for a couple of days. If DIY styling is your thing, invest in any of the following:

·      Small barreled curling iron

·      Perm rods (easily available at all major pharmacies and beauty stores).

·      Foam rollers (the longer your hair is, the more rollers you’ll need, but bear in mind that you’ll get big curls and not tight ringlets with these).

Using a range of curl-enhancing styling and hair care products will help create and maintain a more defined style. There’s no doubt that we’re going to be seeing a lot more of the perm hair trend in the coming weeks; apart from the Rachel Comey show, I also spotted the trend at the Michael Costello catwalk.

It’s easy to see how all of these looks –and so many others from the NYFW SS17 shows– can be adapted to regular wear. If the intricate braids and updos are intimidating, start small and work your way up with these hairstyles.