Glam On The Go: 3 Easy Day-to-Night Hairstyles

I love practical fashion. Two words that you don’t see together very often. But I love it when a particular hair trend or style can be tweaked, adapted and upgraded because that really justifies the amount of time, effort and money you invest into it. At the end of the day, we’re all looking for great value –no matter what’s at stake. So, when it comes to laboring over fabulous hairstyles, most folks tend to take the easy route because there’s this idea that looking good doesn’t come easy and making a whole lot of effort for a couple of hours just doesn’t make sense on a daily basis.

But what if I told you there was a way to shoot down both those concerns? Yep. Now you can choose hairstyles that are not only super easy and stylish, but also versatile. Changing your look within minutes when your plans change has never been easier. Here are my 3 favorite day-to-night hairstyles for women on the go.

1. French Twist To Flirty Updo

Everyone knows that the classic French twist is the ultimate workplace/ formal hairstyle. Nothing says ‘competent and classy’ quite like the French twist, but is that really the vibe you want when you’re heading out for drinks and dancing after work? Most women end up undoing the French twist for a more casual look but if you want to keep things neat and manageable so that you can focus on the fun, what are your options?

Here’s how you can make the French twist club-cool in moments.

Pull a few tendrils loose at the front. French twists are typically styled in sleek, straight hair for extra polish, so you want to add some texture now. Head to the bathroom and dampen your hands and pat the loose tendrils so they’re wet. Take small sections and wrap them around your index finger and hold. Gently remove your finger and allow the curled section to fall naturally and air dry. Spray on some hairspray for hold if you’ve got any. Wear on both sides to frame the face or  you can also loosen and curl more hair and then pull over to a side to create a deep part and thick, curly faux-bangs.

If you also have short bangs, let them fall naturally and style the curled tendrils on either side to create a single fringe with different elements that work together.

For some added oomph, slide the thin end of a rattail comb under the hair at the crown and very, very gentle lift upwards. This creates some elevation at the crown and gives that beehive-effect, while also slightly mussing up the look for a more fun-appropriate style.

Voila! Instant flirty accents done in minute.

2. Top Knot To Bombshell Waves

This is without a doubt the easiest item on this list. Everyone loves the good old topknot or messy bun. Everyone dons one on the regular. Here’s how you make it fab.

Start in freshly washed hair and allow it to dry naturally till it’s about 50% dry. Then rub some texturizing spray or cream throughout the lengths and scrunch it up with your hands. Next, take a styling mousse or crème (something with a holding property) and comb it through the entire length. Now, gather your hair and twist and roll upwards into the knot and secure it into place. Spritz on some light-hold hairspray to help the texture set.

When you’re ready to transition into your ‘fun’ hairstyle, just undo the topknot and say hello to gorgeous wavy hair. You can rock the beachy waves or take it a step further still if you like. Scrunch the roots a bit and maybe tease them for a little height. Run your fingers through your hair to loosen the beachy waves into bigger curls. Create a side part and flip your hair over onto one side. Old Hollywood waves have never been easier!

3. Typical To Tiered

When you’re heading out in the morning, style your hair as you normally do. Ponytails, chignons, classic buns- it all works. I recommend leaving your hair loose because 1) it’ll allow for a relaxed texture so you won’t have to do much about it later and 2) it’ll make for a sharp contrast with your evening hair.

For the evening hairstyle, begin by brushing your hair out and making sure it’s completely free of any knots and tangles. Brushing properly will also redistribute natural oils and leave a glossy finish. If you want, you can use a hair serum to smoothen your strands out. Really smoothen down the crown and then take a rattail comb (or grab that pencil on your desk) and divide your hair into three horizontal sections and secure with elastic bands. This makes three ponytails.

Take the topmost ponytail, remove the band from the second ponytail and incorporate the hair into the upper ponytail. Secure with a tie- this should lay flush along the horizontal line at the start of the third section. Now, take this new ponytail, gather the hair from the third section and repeat the previous steps, adding the final band at the nape of your neck.

You’ll have a three-tiered ponytail that looks a whole lot more complicated than it really is. Add some hairspray to keep everything in place (a flawless finish and smooth crown help play up the interesting lines, angles and curves of the hairstyle) and you’re good to go. If you’ve got bangs you can leave them loose at the front or make a mini pouf or pompadour at the hairline for an even edgier, punk-chic look.

The best part about all these day-to-night hairstyles is that they’re honestly effortless. If you’re going out with the same crowd, you don’t have to worry about looking boring and if you’re meeting new people, it's always a great mood booster to smarten yourself up first. Work is work and play is play and now you can flow from one to the other seamlessly!