Bleach Boys: Platinum Blonde Hair For Men

Who’s the first person that comes to mind when you hear the words platinum blonde? Gwen Stefani? Kim Kardashian? More recently- Kristen Stewart?

What if I told you Brad Pitt was once a platinum blonde. Yep. Adam Levine had his moment. Pete Wentz too. As did Justin Bieber. And let’s not forget, Jared Leto. Heck, it almost seems like platinum blonde hair for men just might be the bigger trend here!

We usually tend to think immediately of women’s hair trends when we hear the words ‘platinum blonde,’ but the color trend does have its place in men’s styling too. Yes, it’s very niche. Yes, it’s rather tricky. Yes, it does require some serious commitment. But if you get it right, the look can make for a major milestone in your style journey.

Before we spark off an Insta-worthy movement right here, let’s discuss some important pointers regarding the men’s platinum blonde hair trend.

1. Conceptualize Your Entire Look

This involves thinking through your look before you visit the salon. It also involves thinking about a lot more than just the color itself. You’ve clearly already settled on that bit if you’re here. Now it’s time to consider other things. What kind of haircut do you want? Do you want to keep your current haircut? Will it work well with platinum blonde hair? If not, what length will you opt for now? Will your colorist also cut your hair or do you need a separate stylist for that? Once you have a hairstyle/ men’s haircut in mind you’ll need to check whether it requires a specific texture and regular styling or you can wear it in your own natural hair texture.

All these details matter at any given point but when you’ve got a color like platinum blonde that draws a ton of attention, everything is thrown into stark relief.

You need to be very, very clear about the entire look that you’re going for.

2. Get A Second Opinion. And A Third.

Also, a fourth.

Style is personal, and at the end of the day all that matters is that you’re happy with your look. But let’s be honest: a lot of how happy we are with our look depends on how others react to it.

If you’re confident that you won’t be affected by less-than-complimentary comments, that’s awesome. But it still doesn’t hurt to suss out how most people are likely to respond to your bold new look.

It’s also interesting to note that the way we see ourselves usually has nothing in common with how others view us- and you’d be surprised to learn that you’re usually your own worst critic and people generally have a more flattering impression of you. They can also give you a new insight into your own style, the way you carry it and some great feedback on what needs work.

Ask a couple of friends and family what they think about you going platinum blonde. If there’s someone whose personal style you greatly admire, get their opinion too. Never hurts to learn.

3. Can You Handle The Commitment?

Coloring your hair always brings with it a certain level of commitment- in terms of the money spent on the process as well as the time, effort and money spent on maintaining the look.

Platinum hair takes all that to a whole other level. Take everything you know about coloring your hair and looking after it and multiply it by ten.

If the prospects scare you, turn away from that salon seat.

I definitely recommend platinum blonde hair for men and am all for trying new men’s hair color trends but you really need to commit to a look to be able to enjoy it. If you get your hair colored blonde at a substandard salon or you use the wrong hair care products and end up ruining the dye, it’s you who is going to feel unhappy at the end of it all- even if you essentially cheated yourself out of the experience.

4. It’s Light. But Dark.

Platinum blonde is as edgy as it gets. We tend to think of dark hair colors as moodier and light hair colors as softer –especially out here in the West– but none of the usual rules apply to platinum blonde hair. It’s as daring, moody and bold as it gets.

If the trend has piqued your interest but you like your look to be more along the ‘normal’ end of the scale, this one’s not for you. People are going to stare. They’re going to stop you and ask questions. Like if you’re in a punk band. Or an off-Broadway production. The platinum blonde trend finds the edges of mainstream hair trends and then promptly takes a running leap over them. It’s weird, it’s got a strange sexiness about it and it challenges the very idea of normal.

If any of this sounds like something you’d be unhappy with, you should rethink the idea.

5. Don't Forget To Experiment

If you do go in for the men’s platinum blonde hair trend, make sure you have fun with it. Now, you’re probably thinking ‘how much more can I experiment- I’ve already signed up for platinum blonde hair!’

But that’s just the thing. It doesn’t stop here. It’s true that platinum hair is a statement in itself, but there is more you can do with it. For instance, now is the time to test out those pastel hair trends and hair color chalks you’ve been secretly eyeing. It’s usually the women who get to enjoy rainbow hair colors but as Christ Brown taught us, when you’ve got platinum hair you’ve got power.

6. Matching Your Beard To Platinum Hair

Unless you’re gunning for an ultra pale, almost whitewashed end result, I would advocate steering clear of matching your beard exactly to your head hair. Firstly, you should never get too matchy-matchy with your head and facial hair. As I’ve explained in a previous post, beard hair is always a few shades lighter than head hair, which is something you should keep in mind when your dyeing either/both.

Now, when your head hair is platinum blonde and you’re growing facial hair, the previously stated rule doesn’t have to apply. You can go darker with your beard, because let’s face it: what’s lighter than platinum blonde?

You can choose to keep your natural beard color or you could take things further and have your beard dyed as well (be sure to read my last post on beard dyeing for great advice). If you’re opting for the latter, pick a beard dye based on your skin tone and your colorist’s advice on what is likely to work with your complexion and the platinum blonde dye. Anything from a darker blonde to a black can be tried, though admittedly, it’s a whole lot of look and you might find it easier to stay clean-shaven and just let your flaxen locks do the show-stopping.

If you do decide to embrace the men’s platinum blonde hair trend this season, remember to invest in hair care products suited for colored hair, with an emphasis on platinum blonde dyes.