Hair Trends From Cannes 2016

Now that the 2016 Cannes Film Festival is over, it’s time to review the major hair moments from all the Red Carpet appearances, photocalls, premiers and other events. There was a little bit of everything and we’re now going to take a look at the biggest hair trends to come out of Cannes 2016.

We’re going to be seeing a lot of these looks in the coming months, and here’s where you get the scoop on what you should be planning for. When you’re into trend-mapping like I am, it’s exciting to see a hair trend go from fledgling to superstar, and there really is no bigger confirmation that a trend is here to stay than when it makes its way to a platform like Cannes.

Old Hollywood Waves

Now, vintage-inspired hairstyles in general, and Old Hollywood waves in particular, have been around for a long time. So it might not be a new trend so much so as the revival of an old favorite. That said, side-swept waves are now coming back in a big way and are going to be one of the hottest formal hairstyles for the rest of the year. Amal Clooney, Anna Kendrick and Marion Cotillard showed off the power of retro glam hairstyles to great effect. I especially loved Marion’s version because it proves you don’t have to have super long hair to rock Old Hollywood waves: the essence of the look is in the styling.

Structured Crowns

If you enjoy subtle sophistication in the form of ponytails, chignons and sleek buns then this is a hair trend you’re going to enjoy: structural detailing at the crown. While Catriona Balfe’s crown was divided into three almost-uniform segments creating a balance between the horizontal and vertical planes, Araya A. Hargate’s hair was drawn up much higher at the crown, lending a more pronounced angular height to the look that beautifully offsets the updo at the back. If you want to add an interesting element to your look without experimenting with braids or texture etc., these architectural lines make for great crown accents.

Tonal Chestnut

If you’re looking for Autumn Winter 2016 hair color trends, look no further. This tonal, dimensional chestnut hair color is just the thing you need for next season. It’s dark enough for the colder months but also lively and spirited so you don't have to worry about ending up with a flat wash of color. While Catriona’s chestnut is slightly lighter with auburn undertones, Aishwarya’s is deeper with a more mahogany glint. On the whole, the tonal chestnut hair color is moody and sexy but not in a way that’s overpowering. It works beautifully with all skin tones and is the perfect marriage between playful and classic hair colors.

Minimalistic Formal

With each passing day at Cannes 2016 we’d see a new trend that would take the blogosphere by storm, but now that the festival is all wrapped up and the votes are in there is one clear winner: Charlize Theron. While everyone is going gaga over Charlize’s impeccably tailored suit and her trademark dangerously sexy vibe, I’d like to draw attention to her hairstyle hair. Charlize’s hair was styled into a sleek, low bun at the back. The middle part and slicked-down crown add a touch of sharp sophistication to the hairdo, making an otherwise simple hairstyle look glamorous. The tiny bun is a great way to style short hair away from the face when you want other aspects of your look to be the focus.

Anyone wanting to rock a spectacular outfit should take a leaf out of Charlize’s book. The hairstyle is different enough to be noticeable yet minimalistic enough to not steal the show. It’s sexy but work-appropriate and immediately lends an aura of confidence, mystery and elegance to the wearer. 

Textured Lobs

While lobs are a fairly recent phenomenon, adding a slightly retro edge to a new favorite is a great way to spice it up. Lobs have been around for a few seasons now and just when we thought they’re veering into overdoneville, out pops the textured asymmetrical lobs. It’s the grown-up version of the angular bob: longer, wavier and comfy in its own skin. The textured lob has a relaxed feel to it but fits right in with formal hairstyles, as evidenced by both Naomi Watts and Jessica Chastain.

If you’re not keen on getting an asymmetrical haircut, there is a way to fake the angled lob: simply part your hair high on one side and comb over generously to the other. Tease an inch of the hair at the roots along the part to add some lift at the base. The additional hair on one side as well as the volume at the roots will drop more hair on the side favored by the part, creating the illusion of an asymmetrical length. You can also make like Naomi and tuck hair in at the back on the other side, for a sharper contrast.

Voluminous Top Knots

And here’s the return of another old favorite: voluminous high buns. We’re combining ballerina buns, topknots and bun donuts to create a new bun that’s the best of all worlds. For an ultra polished hairstyle, go with a sleek texture and carefully crafted structure like Li Bingbing. For a more laidback, sexy-yet-formal updo, opt for a tousled, slightly messy high bun like supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio. The key is to work in tons of volume and height.

Twisted Side Bun

One of my favorite Cannes 2016 hair trends comes from Uma Thurman’s look for the amfAR Gala. The low-hanging, twisted and coiled side bun is a breath of fresh air. If you like chignons and low-placed updos, this is a hairstyle you have got to try. The coiled knot is set off with tons of volume at the crown and serious height at the hairline creating an almost quiff-like accent. The look is classy and funky, and stands out in a sea of really great hairstyles, which is how you know it’s a winner. It’s also worth noting that the bun has been styled on the side opposite to the shoulder detail of her shocking pink Schiaparelli gown. It’s a great way to let a striking gown and accessory have their moment while also keeping the hairdo front and center.

Other Cannes 2016 hair trends worth checking out are Kirsten Dunst’s 50s-style lob with the flipped-out ends, Kat Graham’s take on the dual tone hair color trend and Riley Keough’s pancaked braid.