Top Men’s Styling Trends For Summer 2016

Want to know what the very latest in men’s styling is? Right now, red-hot? Grab a paper and a pen and get ready to take notes. This is your scoop on men’s hair trends that are blowing up right now- don't miss out!

The DiCaprio

2. Long, Textured Fringes.jpg

Yep, that’s what we’re calling it. 2016 is going down as the year that brought men’s fringes back into fashion and who better to take inspiration from than Leonardo DiCaprio circa the late Nineties? Nobody’s done the forehead kissing, angst-but-adorable messy hair quite like the Titanic star himself. To adapt his iconic 90s look to 2016, lose the peek-a-boo middle part and really amp up the tousled texture. Leo’s hair varied between a scruffy, grungy finish and softer locks but for 2016 we want hair that looks like glass sharp enough to cut on.

If you don’t like haircuts that involve serious maintenance and dedicated styling, give this one a miss. There’s a lot of work that goes into looking like you #wokeuplikethis. But if you’re willing to make the effort, this is the hottest men’s hair trend right now. Lots of messy texture, piece-y definition and smoldering sexiness right here. No better way to draw some attention to those peepers, without compromising on the beloved bad boy vibe that never goes out of style.

The Matte Combover

Vintage-inspired men’s hairstyles have been really big this year, and along with the pompadour, the comb-over is 2016’s biggest breakout men’s hairstyle. It’s distinctly retro, which definitely makes it a classic, but with the right amount of flair and styling, the combover has an undeniable modern appeal too.

To rock the comb-over in 2016 the secret is to play with texture. We want it to be matte and natural. No slick finishes and shine to the 2016 men’s comb-over trend. The matte finish lends an air of gritty sophistication to this old favorite, giving it a more modern touch. Hair is softer and falls more organically than the original slicked back style.

You can use matte hairstyling products like matte-look hair mousse or styling cream. An added benefit is the extra hold you’ll get as a result, thus allowing you a chance to keep the volume and wave (so integral to the comb-over) going for hours and hours.

To play up the drama, boost volume and height along the part and really emphasize where the combover starts. If you’re using hairspray to hold the look in place, read labels to make sure you don't pick up anything with shine boosting properties.

To The Side, Shorty

We’re drawing inspiration here from Calvin Klein’s Spring 2016 collection for men. Italo Zucchelli has long been known for his minimalistic sense of style and design- a quality that ensures that the brand stays on-point with regards to its cool, classic aesthetic sense. If you’re looking for hair that compliments the vibe, this short, side-parted do is just the thing.

If you’ve got a shorter layer, or your hair naturally falls in layers as most people’s is wont to do, you can artfully arrange the same into a small spiky accent while brushing the rest to the side. The look is very understated, very elegant and will work well with everything, from preppy polo T-shirts to power suits.

This is a haircut that works beautifully in all textures, but especially so with thick hair. Aim for a natural healthy shine because the finish helps add to an otherwise subtle look. Shorter cuts like these are great for emphasizing the jawline and adding strong, masculine angles to your face.

Let me know which one of these men’s hair trends you decide to try. Keep your eyes on this space: we’re going to be covering some of the hottest Spring Summer 2017 men’s hair trends soon; it’s never too early to start prepping!