Best Hairstyles From New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016

Can you believe we are already looking at hair trends for 2016? Where did this year go? The Fashion Weeks are always the best events of the year for anyone in the styling industry- yes, the Oscars are pretty fantastic too but the Fashion Weeks are dedicated to fashion. For a hairstylist, it really doesn't get better than that.

New York Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Week brought with it some of that trademark New York gritty edginess and topped it off with a dash of some elegant, classic styling. If you are looking for some inspiration for hairstyles that are exciting, unusual and flat-out fabulous, look no further. Here is my pick of the best hairstyles from the New York Fashion Week, Spring Summer 2016 edition.

Cushnie et Ochs

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Sometimes the smallest styles can be the most impactful, as is clearly established by this photo from the Cushnie et Ochs showing at NYFW SS16. We are looking at super-straight, super-sleek hair, which may not seem all that interesting at first, but one look at the accents and you’ll be a convert. The look is really easy to achieve and a great way to spice up your everyday style.

Diane von Furstenberg

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Look, Jourdan Dunn can make anything look stunning but you’ve got to admit, the smooth-to-curly do is one of the best retro hair trends ever. The fluffy curls, the major volume and the Seventies styling is all about women embracing their natural hair textures and celebrating real beauty. The hairstyle was a tribute to the designer herself, and is being called ‘The Diane’.

To get the look, begin with freshly washed hair and allow your hair to dry naturally until it is about 70% dry. Add a curl-enhancing product and then work a styling cream/ paste into your hair. Preferably something that lets you sculpt the hair while also giving it some support. Create a deep side part, separate your hair into two-inch sections and create small buns with each of these and pin them onto your head. Go over each bun with your hairdryer and make sure your hair is properly dry before you undo the buns. Unravel each bun and run your fingers through it to loosen the curls up a bit. Use a boar bristle brush to add more fluff and volume to the look. Add a hairspray once you’re satisfied with the results.

Hervé Léger

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If you’re looking for a braided hairstyle that will dress up your daily university look or date night outfit, here is a fantastic option. Tired of the milkmaid braids and the braided headbands but not ready to give up on braids just yet? The forehead framing braid accent is just the right amount of old and new to become a styling choice that’s both striking and wearable.

Just remember to brush some of your forward over the forehead and braid from one ear to the other. You will need to follow the French braiding technique on the side closer to the crown, adding in bits of hair to your uppermost strand as you go along so that your hair gets woven into the braid. A few errant strands here and there can help complete this offbeat look. Wear with a sleek ponytail or wrap the rest of your hair into a chignon for a more glam hairdo. The braiding technique is also a nifty way to dress up your bangs (and keep them off your face for those unbearably hot days).

Karen Walker

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If you’re like me and you think of the pill-popping, bling-flashing lady from Will & Grace when you first hear the words “Karen Walker”, the hairstyles from the actual Karen Walker- the New Zealand designer- will delight you just as much. Megan Mullally’s TV character sported some spectacular voluminous updos throughout the sitcom’s run and I quite enjoyed the elegant updos we saw on the New York runway. A deep side parting makes way for a low, side-swept front while the back has been rolled into a high, crown-framing twist. Think of it like the classic French twist, only instead of twisting your hair in vertically down the head, you roll up and twist it in horizontally, creating a sort of crescent at the back of your head as you go along.

This was one of the most elegant hairstyles we saw at the New York Fashion Week and I think it will be especially lovely for Spring 2016 brides.

Nicole Miller

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Dreadlocks may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but a lot of people are tempted to try them out at some point in their lives. However, the commitment involved in creating and maintaining dreadlocks- and the fact that your hairstyling options can get pretty limited afterwards- causes most people to shy away. However, you can try the hair trend out with faux dread locks. The best thing about modern hairstyling is that there’s a ‘faux’ version for just about everything. And the models at the Nicole Miller Spring Summer 2016 show sure did make the dreads look hot. Could be the perfect look for the next beach season, right?

Faux dreadlocks are actually pretty easy to achieve on your own at home. It’s best if you start out with second day hair that’s slightly grainy and then add some texturizing paste. Run your fingers through your hair a couple of times to muss it up a little. Take a little bit of a styling cream or mousse, pick a small segment of hair and add the product to it and then just start twisting the strand in on itself. Work from the roots to the tip and keep winding tightly (not too tight or your scalp is going to start hurting). Repeat this all over the head and spray some stronghold hairspray and you’re done! From city-chic to hippie-hot in less than fifteen minutes!

Tanya Taylor

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Topknots and high buns always make an appearance at New York Fashion Week and are basically staple fare now. But this particular iteration is so quirky that I really can’t wait to see people try it off the runway. Even if you are not particularly keen on having some pointy ends jab out of your bun (though why not!) you must try the twisted cornrow-base accents.

Choose where you want one of these ‘faux rows’ (didn't I tell you this is the time for faux everything?) and use a pintail comb to carve out a really straight line. Pick the hair falling behind the line (go with tiny sections) and start twisting it really tightly in on itself; focus on keeping the ‘row’ you create as close to the scalp as possible. Choose another point at a distance from the first ‘row’ and repeat. You can keep these as close to or far apart from each other. For a more intricate affect, you’ll want to keep them closer together and more tightly wound. To recreate the look from the photos you can space them apart and create looser twists and even go with messy parting lines.

Notice how the bun is slightly off-kilter? You can wear a classic topknot or a slightly off-center one for a jauntier effect.  

Victor Alfaro

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The warrior braids from the Victor Alfaro show were one of the best hair trends to emerge at the New York Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Week. Why do I call them warrior braids, you might ask? Well, for one thing, these are fierce! For another, don’t they remind you of the traditional warrior hairstyles from what we do know about the lives and practices and traditions of ancient armies like those of the Viking warriors?

Now, I admit that this isn’t a look that you are going to be able to recreate to perfection in one go: it will take some practice and effort. But the efforts, as this photo clearly establishes, are completely worth it. For a simpler version (yes, ‘simple’ is relative here!) you can opt for a Dutch braid and not bother with the ‘triple triangle’ sectioning of the crown. Do use the braid-on-ponytail effect though, because that is what makes this hair trend especially cool. In the beginning just section away a bit of your hair at the bottom and pin it into a bun that is out of the way while you get the braid ready. Once your braid is all done you can unroll the bun and secure it into a ponytail that originates and falls under the braid.

There were a lot of other really cool hairstyles at the New York Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Week as well; shout-outs are due to the ‘twisted bun bands’ at the Jsong Way show and the ‘8 bun’ at the Naeem Khan show and the wacky volume from the Jeremy Scott runway. Be sure to check them all out and make notes on the hair trends you will be trying come Spring-Summer 2016.