Teal Hair Color Trend

You know how every year/ season is remembered by that one unforgettable trend that comes to define it? 2013 was the year that the ombre craze really took off. 2014 was the year we saw the pastel trend and mermaid hues raise their pretty heads. For a while it looked like the granny trend in all silvery-grey glory was going to be 2015’s contribution to the hallowed halls of hair trends. But if there’s one that trumps the pale moonlight goodness of the grey hue, it’s the teal trend.


#teal #hair #trend

Made famous by Kylie Jenner, the teal hair trend has found takers all around the world- from the avant-garde avenues of New York and the chic cobblestones of London to the bustling boulevards of Tokyo and the spice-scented streets of New Delhi.

What is it about the teal hue that’s got everyone raving? Why would a color that is so unmistakably bold and a wee bit wacky find takers all over the world?

The way I see it, fashion is finally getting to a place where it is well and truly personal to the wearer. For years and years we’ve been talking about fashion being a means of expression and an outlet for creativity, but how many people actually step out of their comfort zones to try something daring? And even when something a little bit different comes along, it’s gone in the blink of an eye because it’s “too crazy” or “unwearable” or “impractical”. We’ve seen celebrities sporting outré colors and cuts for ages now, but how many times have ordinary folk actually committed to a crazy color or cut? Not many, right? The teal hair trend proves that individual fashion and uninhibited expression are finally coming into their own.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve seen so many people from so many different parts of the world wearing teal and owning the look. As a stylist, it’s so exciting to see audiences open up to taking risks: and the move paying off!


#teal #hair #trend
#teal #hair #trend
#teal #hair #trend

Another factor that has contributed heavily to the trend’s popularity is the fact that the color is surprisingly universal.  In fact, this is what sets the teal hair trend apart from most other color trends:  I’ve had a lot of readers and clients talk about how most color trends only suit people with naturally light hair/ fair skin. This is where the pastel trend took a serious hit: it only showed up properly in light hair and looked washed out against anything but the fairest of complexions. Experimenting with color is a lot harder if you have dark hair and/ or medium-to-olive and deeper skin tones. And that is why the teal trend trumps all the rest: it is truly universally flattering. It sparkles on the fair folk and is arresting on darker-haired beauties.

It’s not often that a look sported by one of the Kardashian-Jenner clan invokes such widespread enthusiasm. But the youngest of the brood has undoubtedly made her mark on the fashion industry with her now-signature teal-tipped locks. You can credit it to Instagram or to Kylie’s undeniable chutzpah but either way, the real winner here is the regular, everyday fashion lover.

Kylie Hair Kouture, the result of Kylie Jenner’s collaboration with Bellami Hair is possibly the brand’s most well-known and popular product line till date.

I personally think that dip-dyed extensions are a fabulous idea: you’ve got a quality product from a recognized brand and a chance to shake things up. If you’re uncomfortable about dying your hair such an unusual shade, worried about the cost or giving your over-treated hair a break, the extensions might be just the thing you need to get in on the best Summer 2015 hair trend.

You don’t have to go the Bellami route, obviously: you can use your own preferred brand of hair extensions and have your stylist dye the ends for you. Ask for the dye to be applied at different heights across the length of the extensions to really get that gradient effect. And if you’re feeling particularly fierce, go ahead and get a direct dye. You won’t regret it!

When you think about it, the teal trend actually combines the most essential elements of all the hair trends we’ve seen in recent times: you’ve got the dip-die, you’ve got the ombre gradient, you’ve got a splash of unusual color and most of all, you’ve got some serious unapologetic style.

It’s really heartening to see that women of all colors, races and age groups have embrace the teal trend happily. I’ve seen those tantalizingly shimmery ends peeking out of low buns or curled loose in ponytails on middle-aged women and teenagers alike!