Ellen Pompeo For Entertainment Weekly

Hey everyone!

Had the absolute pleasure of working with Ellen Pompeo for Entertainment Weekly.

#ellenpompeo #hairbysaschabreuer
#ellenpompeo #hairbysaschabreuer
#ellenpompeo #hairbysaschabreuer

We went with a really sexy, wavy, tousled bob. Lots of texture, lots of dimension and movement and some truly glorious curls.

Naturally curly/ wavy-haired women will just need a texture-boosting product to amp up their natural hair to achieve the look. If you’ve got naturally straight, sleek or fine hair you’re going to have to go to work with a 1-inch barrel curling iron, some curl-enhancing texturizing paste and a setting spray.

Once you’ve got your curls ready, just create a side part and flip your hair over. For that added oomph, tease the roots and break the curls up with your fingers once they’ve cooled.

For either case, the look will work best on second-day hair. If you don't like weighing your hair down with a lot of product or spending a lot of time on styling it, this isn’t a look that wears well in freshly washed locks.

If you are working on freshly washed hair, I recommend using a diffuser to dry your hair instead of a blow dryer. As you work the heat through your hair, hold sections of it in your palm and scrunch it together and ‘push’ it upwards. This is a great trick for prepping your hair before you add more defined curls to it.

Remember, the look is all about rough, grainy texture and real-girl volume. You don't have to get it perfect: Meredith is all about being true to her real self and you should be too!

For the insider scoop on the latest, jaw-dropping developments on Grey’s Anatomy, w and all that’s hot right now in Shondaland, make sure to check the piece out.