The Best Hairstyles From New York Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2016

With the Oscars filed away, it’s finally time for us to dive deep into the 2016 Fall Fashion Weeks. Along with the awards season, Fashion Week makes for the most exciting time(s) in the style industry and regardless of what your particular interest s, we’ve got something for everyone.

Once you’ve attended and observed a couple of these events you begin to see that each city has its own personality: New York is always slightly gritty and yet it manages to recreate elements of the classic American Dream, London oscillates between outré and posh, Paris is more whimsical and elegant while Milan veers towards playful panache. Of course, these identities aren’t set in stone but there are patterns and part of our job as stylists and trend forecasters is to understand the nuances of the industry. Style is both evolutionary and, at once, groundbreaking and this is never more apparent than during the Fashion Weeks. We’re well into the 2016 Autumn Winter Fashion Weeks and it’s been an endless stream of inspiration, creativity and pure greatness. Let’s begin with what the New York Autumn Winter 2016 shows. Here’s my pick of the best hairstyles and hair trends from New York Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2016.


Sections and segments are some of the easiest hair accents to master: just about anyone can pull these off with a little practice and the correct hair texture. They’re easy to style, come together rather quickly and can be used to spice up the most basic hairstyles. The hairstyles from the Area New York Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2016 show make a compelling argument for the technique: the super-sleek texture, razor sharp lines and neat layering create a look that is all about geometric genius. There’s no end to the patterns you can create using these techniques and all you really need is a rattail/ pintail comb (use the pointy ends to trace the lines), some styling products for the texture, finish and hold and a flat iron to get that poker-straight base.  

Bibhu Mohapatra

With the latest Star Wars film riding an unending wave of universal acclaim, it was only a matter of time before Princess Leia-inspired hairstyles made their way to some of the biggest stages in the world. While the original Leia buns don't make for the most wearable hairstyle, the slightly pared down version we saw at the Bibhu Mohapatra New York Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2016 show might just let you pay homage to your favorite interstellar saga. These coiled ‘buns’ are styled further back than the original and are flatter and more structured, but the resemblance is hard to miss. I always enjoy an unusual take on bun-based hairstyles, even when it’s not in the form of an everyday, go-to look.

Carmen Marc Valvo

The French twist is, without a doubt, one of the most universally popular formal/ semi-formal hairstyles. Just about every woman with medium-to-long hair has tried the French twist/ roll at least once- it’s the perfect hairstyle for work, weddings, formal lunches and dinners. At the Carmen Marc Valvo Autumn Winter 2016 showing, we saw the French twist with, well, a twist. While the essential structure and the back follow the contours of the regular French twist, the top and front have been given a seriously edgy makeover that modernizes the look. Tons of volume at the crown shapes up into a bump that’s nicely segmented off by headbands. You can go with one thick headband or two delicate ones. The bangs at the front add extra punchiness to the look: they’ve been spiked up and away from the face, giving a distinctly windblown rocker chic vibe to an otherwise sophisticated hairstyle. Love!


Regular readers of my blog will know that I have a particular fondness for hairstyling accents. In fact, many of the looks featured in this post have made it here simply because they sport great accents. Hairstyling accents are a fun, easy, quick and creative way of dressing up your hair without getting in a proper biceps’ workout. This hairstyle from the DKNY New York Autumn Winter 2016 Fashion Week show caught my eye because of a singular style element: the braid-esque styling detail at the front. There are a lot of different ways to recreate the effect. If you’re comfortable with the waterfall braid, you could create one going from the front all the way back and down on one side. You could also create a more intricate, tight little Dutch braid that lays flush against the natural contours of your head. For a simpler, albeit more time-consuming take on the look, consider the pinch and twist technique: working on a single small, long segment, what you’re essentially going to do is tuck the shaft in on itself, creating twists as you go along. You can portion these off into small segments every centimeter or so, using white rubber bands or ties or threads to create the illusion of a more complicated style. If you are adept at braiding, you can weave in a white (or pick any color you like, really) tie or add it in at equidistant points to make the braid pop. Style the rest of your hair any way you like.

Nicholas K

If you’re a fan of side-parted styles and low buns, this hairstyle from the Nicholas K show at the New York Autumn Winter 2016 Fashion Week will be a definite hit with you. There is a slight element to the look that keeps it from being fully wearable: hair from one side is pulled under the chin and over to the other side and styled into the bun, thereby creating something of a full-360 degrees of look. However, that is a styling choice you can totally choose not to make, while still keeping the rest of the look and inducing some serious bun envy.

Low side buns are always a great formal look; this one sits lower and looser than most side buns, however. It’s almost hanging to a side and not pinned up like most side buns. Looped buns are fairly easy to style, but if you have trouble with them here’s a neat hack: a loose, neat braid can be twisted around and pinned onto the head to recreate the effect. Bear in mind though that the look won’t be exactly the same, which is why I do recommend creating the chain-link loops you can see here. Pulling out one pointy, straightened section down creates a nice contrast to the circular shapes of the bun. Given how low the bun sits –or hangs– it really doesn’t qualify as an updo and therefore, has a slightly more informal vibe to it than most traditional side buns.

A word to the wise: for the loops to really show through (especially a concern with dark hair) you should work in a straight base. The details might get lost if your starting texture is wavy or curly, which means you might have to prep your hair before you start arranging the style. Remember to use pins that match your hair color to finish off on a polished, understated note. Conversely, you can use bright/ shiny pins for a younger, brighter take on the look.

Opening Ceremony

Interesting hairlines and intricately crafted bangs get me every time. The hairstyles from the Opening Ceremony show at the New York Autumn Winter 2016 Fashion Week were no different. The bangs evoke the distinctive ‘finger waves’ that we so associate with vintage hairstyles. It’s a really neat way to add a lot of spunk to otherwise simple looks, using the minimal amount of time and effort. And of course, as the NYFW 2016 show proved, you can even transform this retro hairstyle into a more mod look with the right accessories.

Thom Browne

This is a lot of look- and a lot to love. While it is admittedly not a hairstyle I expect to see recreated off the runway as such, there are some fabulous hairstyling elements at play. For starters, those hair colors are a dream, both individually and together. I love the marriage of the golden blonde hair with the cooler chestnut locks. Another great aspect is the interplay between architectural lines and poetic curves: the planes created by the different color segments as well the overall exacting structure of the hairstyle add form and perfection to the look while the curved styling at the back, the rolled bun up top and the way the style skims the natural contours of the head adds a fluidity to the whole thing. The hairstyles from the Thom Browne show have a lot to offer in terms of unique styling elements and techniques that can be used to great effect both alone and in accompaniment to one another.

Let me know which looks you like on any of my social media accounts. We’re going to jump into the best hairstyles from the London Autumn Winter 2016 Fashion Week next. Stay tuned.