Best Hairstyles From Milan Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2017

If you’re looking for hairstyling inspiration across a diverse range of ideas, textures, shapes, cuts and colors, it just doesn’t get more exciting than the Milan Autumn Winter 2017 Fashion Week. It happens all too often that runway shows in a particular city end up (inadvertently or intentionally) adhering to a theme or a mood: it’s always easy to clock patterns and pick out common motifs and that can get predictable sometimes. No such issue with the Milan Autumn Winter 2017 Fashion Week though: there was a wealth of creativity and unique styling on display.

Alberta Ferretti

Seeing at to how we’re heading into spring-summer, it’s sometimes easy to forget that this edition of the Fashion Week is actually intended for fall-winter. There are no rigid rules in fashion, so I do encourage my readers to follow their hearts, but if you’re craving a taste of some old-school styling, the Alberta Ferretti Fall 2017 runway is a good place to start. After all, nothing defines sweater weather quite like boots and hats and choosing hairstyles for hats can be tricky. But this messy, textured 3-strand braid is the perfect hairdo for autumn. You can braid loosely or try your hand at pancake braiding to fluff up the volume once you’re done. Keeping the crown simple means you can pull on hats and scarves comfortably; whoever said you couldn’t have both fashion and comfort at a go clearly missed this memo. 

Alberto Zambelli

We’ve been seeing a lot of the unusual bangs and hairlines of late but none quite as striking as this zigzag ridge accent. Whether you’re reminded of the original Toblerone chocolate bars or now dreaming of a vacation in the Alps, there’s no denying that this super sculpted hairstyle is one of the most striking hairstyles we’ve seen this season.  


Figure-8 braids are a wonderful step-up on the regular plait, and fairly easy to style. Like most braids, it makes for a great standalone hairstyle as well as an arresting hair accent. I do recommend making like the Calcaterra Fall 2017 models here and finishing the ends properly to polish up the look. Before you begin braiding, take a section of hair from the ponytail and wind it around the base to cover your hair band. When you reach the end, secure it in place with another band and cover it up in the same manner. You can leave some hair loose towards the end or braid all the way down and then roll the ends up and tuck them in to create the illusion of an endless braided spiral.


The models at the Versace Fall 2017 show wore their hair with brightly colored chunks in vivid hues like orange and reds. My favorite of the lot is this luminescent cranberry and candy apple red shade. It’s a new take on the red hair color trend, moving away from the coppers and auburns and strawberry. It reminds me of those jewel-toned hard candies and it’s such a change from the usual red hair color options that most women favor for fall. Notice how the crown is kept totally clean of the red and how it increases as we move down the lengths and towards the ends? Keeping hair color natural around the face helps make the wilder hair color trends more wearable since anything too crazy right around the face can be jarring. This hair color trend doesn’t call for particularly seamless blending and the whole point of the look is to pop out and grab eyeballs, so there is always the option of using colored hair extensions instead of undergoing an actual dye job.


The platinum hair color trend tends to be a favorite for fall/winter almost every year and clearly 2017 is no different. What’s new, however, is how we’re styling it. For starters, ask your stylist for the slightest hint of a buttery yellow cast over the platinum dye. This moves the color from the silver family to a gold, making it warmer and more wearable for a wider range of skin tones. The tiniest changes can make a statement hair color more comfortable (for the wearer and the admirer) while keeping the wow factor intact. Secondly, try some feminine, retro hairstyles that challenge the stereotype of edginess that goes with platinum hair color. Nobody’s expecting finger waves, pin curls and Old Hollywood waves in platinum blonde hair, which is what makes this trend so deliciously refreshing. It’s a shade that seems to have become the sole territory of those with asymmetrical bobs and angled lobs and it’s about time we celebrate how platinum hair can be both bold and soft- just like the women who breathe magic into the look.

Some of my other favorite hair trends from the Milan Autumn Winter 2017 Fashion Week include the baby bangs from the Aquilano Rimondi show, the gorgeous swoops-and-loops updos from the Bottega Veneta runway and the powerful short crops at the Simonetta Ravizza showcase.