Hair Trends From New York Men’s Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2017-2018

Today we’re taking a look at the final installment of the Men’s Autumn Winter 2017-2018 Fashion Week: New York. Men’s hair trends for Fall 2017 are shaping up to be a right riot of textures, volume and some interesting angles and cuts. Here’s what New York had to add to that mix.

Billy Reid

One of the biggest hair trends for women in 2017 is the straight and sleek texture trend. Conversely, men’s hair is getting bigger and bolder. More volume, more curl and more movement. Take the Billy Reid Fall 2017 show for example: the models’ hair was styled into these medium-length, tousled shaggy cuts. There’s a young Bruce Springsteen quality to it that I really enjoy.


I’ve talked about how the orange hair color trend is going to be a big one in 2017, judging by the Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Weeks from last year. I liked it then and I like it now- pops of citrus, carrot, amber and auburn: what’s not to love?

The thing color trends is that they, by and large, tend to exclude the male audience. There’s this universal idea that if you’re pursuing a traditional career, extreme fashion and style choices are to be frowned upon, especially if you’re a man. I can see how carrot-colored hair might not work in the office, but it is nonetheless nice to see a major brand engage with its male audience in a new and fun way. The orange hair color trend may not make for a realistic style choice for many men, but if you’re game, it is definitely a unique idea. Try spray-on hair color or temporary dyes to take this look for a spin. It could be a fun way to grab eyeballs at a festival or on a beach.

Nick Graham

We’ve seen a lot of longer lengths on male models on runways and in catalogues of late, marking a definite shift in men’s trends towards more stylized looks and an increased appreciation for flair and flexibility. This particular iteration of the men’s long hair trend retains a certain formal air to it: by parting the front section to one side and brushing the other away from the face you evoke the classic comb-over while still experimenting with length. The trick to making men’s long hairstyles look good is to have thick, lush and healthy hair.

Ovadia & Sons

For a more laidback, youthful men’s long haircut, draw inspiration from the Ovadia & Sons Fall 2017 New York show: shoulder-length, free-flowing bedhead hair is 2017’s boho hair trend for the boys. You want to emphasize texture and volume without compromising on the softness and natural-form of the hair, and the best way to do so is to apply some mousse after showering and scrunching your hair with your fingers to dry it out. Air-drying works just fine but if you can be convinced to use a diffuser, nothing like it!   

Raf Simons

Want to stick/ switch to shorter hair but have fun with it still? Raf Simons’ incredibly successful Fall 2017 show in New York was a powerhouse of men’s trends and style inspiration, and this short haircut with its spiky fringe caught my eye. Men’s fringes are catching on in a big way this year and if you want to experiment with the trend without it looking fussy or too quirky, this is the way to go. It’s noticeable enough to constitute a trend but short enough that you’ll forget all about it and settle into it in no time.

So that’s it for the Men’s Autumn Winter 2017-2018 Fashion Weeks. I’ll be recapping some of the overall winners soon, so be sure to check back for the same. Men’s hair and grooming trends are going to be front and center of the global style debate this year and we’ll be discussing them all right here.