Best Hair Trends From 2017 Spring Summer Men’s Fashion Week

Since we’ll be looking at the best women’s hairstyles and hair trends from the ongoing Spring Summer 2017 shows, it’s only fair to show a little love to the hair trends to come out of the Men’s Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Week events earlier in the year. After all, boys wanna have fun too!

Here are my top picks of the best hairstyles from the Men’s Fashion Week. Enjoy!

Trend #1: The Italian

Let’s be honest: there’s something about slicked-back crowns and dark hair that immediately makes you think of all the famous Italian film and TV characters. Fancy a bit of the Goodfellas vibe while staying on the right side of the law? Just buy yourself a tub of wet-look styling cream, mousse or paste and get working. Keep the sides brushed back and slicked tight to the head while adding more volume and height at t he crown. Lift and comb back to create movement. Work with your fingers and really get in there to shape the style like you want.

Trend #2: The Platinum

I did a post sometime back about how the men’s platinum hair trend is one of the biggest developments in fashion of late and I’m glad to see it echoed here at the Diesel Black Gold Men’s Spring Summer 2017 show. Platinum is always powerful, but it’s even more unexpected on men than it is on women. If your personal style statement tends to follow the ‘shock and awe’ motto, you know what you need to do next.

Trend #3: The Thinker

Want a soulful look that doesn’t make you look too styled? The latest men’s hair trend is the brow-skimming bangs. Guaranteed to draw attention to your peepers and make people wonder what’s going on behind them. Wear in short hair for an interesting contrast between lengths. The haircut has a distinct boy-philosopher-next-door vibe. Seen here on male models from the Helen Anthony show during Men’s Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017.

Trend #4: The Beach Preppy

Think that the Ivy League and surfer dude sensibilities are on two ends of the style spectrum? Not anymore! With the Marni Men’s Spring Summer 2017, we’re learning that you can rock a tweed blazer and hang ten and still come out on top. Take your cues from the Marni Men’s Spring Summer 2017 runway and rock a medium-length cut. We want lots of body and movement, so no slicking down or styling away. Add a dollop of mousse to 80% dry hair and run your fingers through your hair and scrunch to boost graininess. Finger-brush the front away towards the back, lifting and pinching at the crown to create a wave. For more formal occasions, wear to a smoother finish, parted to a side.

Trend #5: The Musician

Care for something wilder, freer and more artsy? Let Missoni guide you to greatness. Curls are the biggest hair trend of 2016 and the great thing about this texture is that it works beautifully for all genders, age groups, and ethnicities- what have you. Curls are beautiful, bold and soulful and there’s something refreshingly unapologetic about a head full of free-falling curls in a world that’s all too polished, smoothened down and straightened out. You can choose from a variety of curly hairstyles for men but if you’re feeling adventurous, might I suggest this chin-length shaggy do with bangs?

You’ll notice that most of these men’s hair trends are rooted in very classic style sensibilities and have essentially just been updated with more modern textures and setting. Men’s hair trends tend to experience less frequent and more restrained changes as compared to women’s hair trends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a whole lot of fun with them.