Best Hair Trends From Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016

Hi everybody! I know this post on the best hair trends to come out of Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016 is a little overdue, but we’ve been so swamped around here with so many exciting events and developments and great ideas. And really, is there ever such a thing as an end date on fashion? Trends come and go, for sure, but if you want a sneak peak on what Milan taught us about the hottest hair trends for 2016, keep on reading!

Antonio Marras

Boy, I love a complex, intricate braided hairstyle and this one from the Antonio Marras Spring Summer 2016 really takes the cake. Now, this isn’t a hairstyle that you can just throw together at home- not unless you’re something of a styling whiz, that is- but there are a couple of ways you could use some of the styling elements to recreate your own version of this braided updo.

The hair is basically divided into three segments and each of these has been crafted into a braid. But what makes this particular hairstyle so unique- and so tricky- is that all the braided segments come together and join up. You have three sections to work with: one in the center, and one on either side. To recreate a slightly modified (read, simpler) version of this look, just follow these steps below.

Carve your hair out into the three sections and pin them out individually to keep from overlapping. To separate the sections, take a rattail comb and draw a line from the highest point of one eyebrow right to the neck. The hair that falls under this line is one of the side sections. Repeat on the other brow and you you're your other side; all the hair that’s in the middle forms your central section.

Starting on either of the sides, move from the hairline to the nape by creating a waterfall braid. The braids have to lay above your ears, on the side of your head and not on top. Now, unlike other braids like the Dutch braid or the French braid, the waterfall braid is a bit of a ‘one-sided braid’ because the ‘upper’ side of the braid actually sort of dissolves into the ‘lower’ side: as a result, only the lower side really pops out and you manage the blend the upper layers in while creating really interesting grooves that ‘fall’ into the braid. Take the waterfall braid till the nape and then continue on with a regular plait, securing your hair with a transparent elastic band when you reach the end. Repeat this step on the other side.

Now, here’s where things would normally get tricky, but we’ve got a great shortcut that lets you rock the look without overworking your biceps! Style the middle section by creating a Dutch braid that goes from the back to the front. In the original hairstyle, all three braids join together and weave in and out of each other. Instead of attempting that, create the Dutch braid till the nape, continue with a normal plait till the end and then, once the central braid is secure, just roll it in and up a little tuck its ends under the main braid. This might not be very easy if you have very long hair because the Dutch braid sits like a raised spine on the head, so you don’t have a lot of room for tucking more hair under it. Another way to secure this hair without distorting the braid is to take the plaited section, gently fold it and pin it in over the Dutch braid.

Once you’re satisfied with how neat (or not!) the median braid is, take the ends of the two side braids, loop them up in ‘U’ formations and pin them into the main braid using, creating a swoop on either side.

I know this is a little more complex than your usual how-to, but the end results really are fabulous!

Cristiano Burani


I absolutely love the triangular, radial cornrows of this hairdo and the skinny braids at the end. If you aren’t comfortable creating the triangular braided slices at the crown, just braid the top into ‘faux rows’ in parallel lines. You could create the faux rows by either tightly twisting tiny columns of hair in on themselves or actually braiding the hair in really tight, skinny Dutch braids that lay completely flush on the scalp. Take the braids till the nape of your neck and then continue down in regular skinny plaits. The overall effect is very street chic. If you’re looking for a spot of garage glamorous, in the words of the inimitable Lady Gaga, this hairstyle is sizzling hot.

Dolce & Gabbana

There are very few brands in the world that do opulent, unapologetic glam quite like Dolce & Gabbana. By the time the models hit the runway at the D&G Milan Spring Summer 2016 show, their hair was decked up with printed headbands and [faux] fruit-laden accessories. Now, unless you’re gunning for some farm-glam, I doubt you’re going to go the whole hog with this look, but I did think that the base hairstyle was worth a mention in itself.

If you’re looking for a soft, understated look that wears well with just about every imaginable hair accessory, outfit and makeup look- here’s the one. It’s basically something of a high bun, but instead of an actual solid topknot, you’re going to pile your hair in on itself in soft layers, giving the structure shape and form as you go along.

Ever treat yourself to those swirly ice-cream cones as a kid? Remember how that soft, cold, gooey goodness would flow out of the machine and the ice-cream man would slowly twist the cone around creating waves and folds? Let that be your inspiration for this particular hairstyle!

Let some strands fall loose and frame the face- but instead of the usual practice of curling them slightly, wear them straight for a more polished effect.


Another faux bob, another fantastic trend. We’ve seen the asymmetrical bob grace runways and magazine covers for quite a while now, but there’s something a little different about this version. You could always choose to get your hair chopped into the style but if you’re not ready to make the cut just yet, just use the usual techniques to faux it. What’s different here is the straight side part (instead of the usual angled one) because it creates an almost square-like frame around the face. You might not think boxing your face in is the best idea but done right- like it was at the Fendi Spring Summer 2016 show- it can look quite arresting. By adding a pin or a clip right above the brow on the other side you can not only keep the hair out of your face but also create some strong structural lines and add that curtain-like effect with the asymmetrical edge. I love that instead of the graduated length that most asymmetrical bobs have, this one has a sheer, abrupt change in length. It’s startling and almost a little uncomfortable and that’s what makes it so sexy.

Stella Jean

This is such a cute look for those of you who enjoy the half-up-half down hairstyles. I recommend wearing this hairstyle in wavy hair because the more texture you’ve got going on, the better it’s going to look. The central focus of this hairstyle is, obviously, the massive bun on the top. It looks like the love child of a Cornish pasty and a crescent role!

The first step is to separate your hair into a top half and a bottom half. Usea rattail comb to trace a line from the top of one ear to the other, moving in a straight horizontal line on the back of your head and not in an arc around the crown. Use the line to divide the hair into two sections and secure away the lower section.

Now, we start working on the top section. Divide the hair into about five equal segments. Take each segment and start rolling it in on itself, lengthening and flattening it out a bit as you go along. You basically want each roll to take on a hollow cylindrical shape by the time to reach the end. When a section is completely rolled up, secure it in place using bobby pins. Insert two pins through each ‘open end’ of the roll, crossing them over in an ‘X’ shape and fixing the roll onto the scalp. Repeat this move with the other sections. Pay attention as you go along because you want the mouth of every subsequent roll to begin where the previous one ended. That’s how you’re going to get a complete circular tube-like shape around the head. Once you’re satisfied with the top, let the bottom loose. You could even add a half ponytail in the open section if you want to really emphasize the top bun: just brush the sides back, slick down with a little product and secure in a skinny ponytail at the back. Then carefully brush all the hair in the lower section together, ponytail and all, to blend it in without tugging on the new ponytail or disturbing the bun. You can also go over the open section with a curling wand again to really amp up the texture.

I hope you enjoyed reading these mini tutorials on how to recreate the Milan Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Week hairstyles. We saw some really fabulous hair trends for 2016 and it’s been a great ride.