America Ferrera For The 2016 Critics Choice Awards

I had the opportunity to work with America Ferrera for the 2016 Critics Choice Awards and I could not be more pleased. America was an absolute delight when we partnered up for the 2016 Golden Globe Awards and this time was no different.

Since we’d already done something along the more conventional, elegant lines for the Golden Globes with a sleek chignon, I wanted to go with something different for the 2016 Critics Choice Awards. America’s got such a beautiful personality and this innate versatility that I knew we could move from a classic chignon to sexy waves and still hit all the right notes. If you enjoyed the tousled loose waves and want to recreate that ‘I woke up looking this fabulous’ vibe, read on to find out how you can style your hair the same way.

The best thing about this particular look is that it is the kind of hairstyle anyone can pull off- even those with little or no hairstyling experience. You don't need a whole range of styling products and tools and hours in the gym getting those biceps ready to braid: it’s all fairly simple but the results are stupendous.

If you’ve ever tried to recreate the  relaxed beachy waves’ look at home, you probably know it’s never as easy as it seems. Somehow, the models in the magazines always end up looking glam while your own attempts at disheveled sexiness are a lot less bombshell and a lot more bird’s nest. If you're frustrated, don’t be: there’s a secret to this kind of hairstyle and I’m going to share it here today.

Begin on freshly washed hair by towel-drying it. The first step to any hairstyle is to get the base right, and for that, you will need to add a texturizing and volumizing product, preferably a mousse like Wellaflex for Curls & Waves .

I advise using a shine-boosting heat protectant spray before you begin heat styling because this will not only help protect the hair but will also make it glossy- you’ll have an even, polished finish throughout that really amps up the glam quotient. The Wellaflex Heat Creation Spray is a great product.

The next step is to blow-dry your hair with a Skeleton Brush. This helps to add some volume and body that is noticeable without being OTT. When it comes to heat styling tools, I always recommend working with a range that combines hair care needs with hairstyling efficiency; Braun’s Satin hair range is a good bet because it’s almost intuitive features allow the tools to adapt to your individual hair type and needs and give you a one-of-a-kind experience that not only helps hair look good but also keeps it healthy. It’s important to use the right heat styling tools because you want to get rid of any frizz or static before you start arranging the hairstyle but you don’t want to lose volume and end up with limp, lank hair either.

The next step is to curl the hair. Take a medium-barreled curling iron, switch it on at the lowest heat setting and then curl your hair in one-inch sections. Work your way around from the back and make sure you don’t curl all your hair in the same direction to avoid it looking to done.

The final step is to break up & relax in the curled sections. All you need to do is run your fingers through your hair very, very softly. Make sure you maintain a light touch during this step because you don’t want to lose the curls you’ve just created. If you want to add more shine at this step, a drop of any hair styling oil such as Argan oil or the Wella Professionals Oil Reflections can work wonders. It’s important to use a product that only adds shine to the hair and doesn’t end up making it greasy or heavy. That done, just swish your hair from side to side gently, once, to let it all fall in and settle together.

Once you’re satisfied with the look and the finish, take a hairspray that you trust and spritz for hold. It’s important that you use a hairspray that offers proper hold but isn’t heavy because this is a look that’s all about effortless, beachy style. Nothing too hard or artificial works here. I recommend the Wellaflex Curls & Waves Hairspray for dependable hold and soft, natural hair.

And that’s how you recreate America Ferrera’s hairstyle from the 2016 Critics Choice Awards at home. As easy as that!