Top Hair Trends From Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017

Milan Spring Summer 2017 may have just earned its spot as my favorite Fashion Week so far! The styling was absolutely phenomenal. There was just so much beauty to take in and it’s evident that a lot of thought went into picking every aspect of each look: the hair, the makeup, the clothes, the accessories; truly, the entire experience was beyond inspirational. Which is why you’ll see that my list of the best hair trends from Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017 is longer than all the others so far!

Bottega Veneta

The Bottega Veneta Spring Summer 2017 show in Milan was possibly the most talked-about event in the series. For starters, Lauren Hutton walking the ramp with her iconic purse from the film American Gigolo brought up all sorts of film and fashion nostalgia.

And then there was the styling: the perfect balance of bold and romantic. As seen on Gigi Hadid here, the models’ hair was parted to a side, combed down and tucked behind the ears, the slick texture working with the high side part to create the aura of the woman of today: formidable and fashionable. But what really kicks it up are the almost-hidden bejeweled hair barrettes that were only visible from the side. The duality of the hairstyle is what makes it so amazing: from the front you see a clean, sharp style that’s got just a hint of severity to it and then suddenly, there’s a bit of beautiful bijoux peeking out at you. Placement is key here: your barrette must be positioned behind the ear and at an angle such that it compliments the lines of your jaw and cheekbone. For max impact, pick an antique, jewel-encrusted hair accessory.

Daizy Shely

I had to throw in a great everyday hairstyle that’s versatile enough for the workplace and a fun date and this wet-look, slick shoulder-length hair cut is perfect for it. Since wet-look hairstyles have an undeniably edgy vibe to them, soften the look out with wispy side-swept bangs. Flipping the ends out also adds a subtle hint of femininity, drawing attention to the curve of the neck. As for choosing a side part that compliments your face, here’s a neat trick: position the part above the highest point of your brow and you’ll never go wrong with it.

Dolce & Gabbana

Every year when the Fashion Weeks roll around, there’s a sense of anticipation and excitement about what each city and its events will bring. You know you’re going to see some great things, and some that don’t really resonate with you. There always some surprises. But if there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that the Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Week runway will always, always be fabulous.

The Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2017 show included a lot of really beautiful hairstyles but the winning factor were the headpieces: they’re tremendous. In fact, the brand has a history with creating stupendous headgear and using hair accessories to dazzling effect. From crowns and tiaras fit for queens at the Spring 2015 showcase to the vibrant headscarves we saw during the Spring 2016 Fashion Week, Dolce & Gabbana have the hair accessories game down to a perfect art form. And this year is no different.

Now, you might not be able to wear a super blinged-out bejeweled headband (it feels almost reductionist to even call it that) on a daily basis, but if you’re looking to serve up some royal realness at a glam event or to make a costume pop, D&G Spring 2017 is rife with inspiration.

The trick to making statement hair accessories work is in doing two things right:

·      Make sure your hair accessory fits into/on your hairstyle and doesn’t fight with it. You don’t want to fidget endlessly or have sit awkwardly.

·      Play with makeup but remember, too many statements spoil a look. The D&G models usually carry the latest makeup trends, from oxblood lips to gold-rimmed eyes, but the overall effect is always sophisticated.


Schoolgirl ponytails might not be the most radical new hairstyle on the block, but thanks to Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn they’re H-O-T. And the Fendi Spring Summer 2017 runway is all the proof you need that pigtails can be pretty badass. Hairstylist Sam McKnight shared that the inspiration for the look was based on Karl Lagerfeld’s vision: Vanellope von Schweetz from the animation film Wreck-It Ralph. But to match the hair to the line’s more mature tone, the hairstyle was upgraded to an edgier, artsier version with high side parts, bold hair color and funky hair accessories. In fact, the crown was trimmed with the same decorative studs used on the bags from the Fendi SS17 line.


Some designer houses and brands favor a minimalistic aesthetic; others believe in going all-out. No prizes for guessing which category Gucci falls under. Just when you think there’s no way for the brand to go bigger, they do. It’s no mean feat, taking the whole ‘OTT’ concept and making it look great while still staying true to the core idea. Theatrical can be sexy and fashionable guys: Gucci is proof!

Now, the hairstyles from the Gucci Spring Summer 2017 are better placed for a theme party or a vintage-inspired look than daily wear, but that’s what makes them so fabulous: they’re simply not trying to fit in or be wearable! From the 50’s-inspired victory rolls to the Victorian-esqu braided beehive buns, the hair trends from Gucci SS17 are all about freedom. Can’t pick a particular moment in time or specific mood to work with? No problem. Use ‘em all! In fact, as Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele puts it, the essence of the brand’s styling choices is in “non-linear and unpredictable connections”.


It’s no secret that I have a soft spot for braids, and they just don’t get any better than braided updos! What we’re seeing here from the Leitmotiv Spring Summer 2017 show in Milan is the classic French braid- finished off with a bun. If you know how to make a French braid, this look is going to be very easy to pull off.

Create a French braid till the nape of your neck and then stop; here’s where it gets exciting: instead of continuing into a regular three-strand braid, roll your hair into a bun and secure it into place. You can go for a classic chignon or a messy knot or even a pulled-through half-bun-half-ponytail. If you want to recreate this slightly messy, sexy vibe, braid your hair loosely and don’t worry about flyaway. Tug on the loops of the braid gently once you’re done to fluff it up a bit.

You’ll notice that some of the models’ hair showed different textures: crimped sections weaving in and out of sleek, straight strands. These little details go a long way towards making a hairstyle look runway-ready. The real focus of this look is the backside of the hairstyle, but you can style the hair anyway you want at the front and sides: brushed back, finished with some loose face-framing locks and even decorated with hair accessories. At the end of the day, you can always put your own spin on the idea and make the look your own.


Ultra-short bangs continue to be one of 2016’s biggest hair trends and are poised to run hot in 2017 as well. We saw the Audrey Hepburn-inspired hair trend feature in several shows during London Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Week and here’s another way to wear the look in current times: with a soft, romantic updo like a side bun. Choppy, uneven bangs can make the trend look more modern and have a more organic feel to them as compared to blunt, straight-cut fringes. The deconstructed hairnet makes for an interesting hair accessory, but you’re probably going to want something a little more glam for a night out!


Cropped haircuts and bubblegum hair color are two major hair trends that can also be difficult to pull off. But the No.21 Spring Summer 2017 Milan show is making ‘punk pretty’ a real thing and how. I love the color: a blend of soft blondes and rose gold tipped with a punchy pink. The thing with experimenting with hair color trends in really short hair is that it’s a major statement without being too much of a look. The impact is powerful, but contained.


Ultra-short haircuts are all the rage right now and these blunt bobs are what’s hot for 2016-2017. As I’ve said before, short haircuts really open up the face and draw attention to the features and lend an air of confidence to the wearer. If you want a no-frills hairstyle that makes a big statement, take your cues from the Prada Spring Summer 2017 fashion show. These ear-length bobs are so sleek and precise they look like they’ve been created with a laser cutter.


Bored with your bangs? Want an easy route to recreating the 40s-inspired rockabilly hairstyles? Stylist Paul Hanlon’s work for the Rochas Spring Summer 2017 runway has earned its place in your 2017 trend look-book.

Firstly, pairing a softly textured lob with faux rockabilly bangs is pure genius. Working with extremes (short vs. long, old vs. new) is a great way to experiment with strong trends without feeling overwhelmed. Secondly, Hanlon takes all the work out of rockabilly hairstyles with this neat trick; all you have to do is curl your hair in the wrong direction et voila: you’ve got faux mini victory rolls with no effort at all!

I can’t wait to recreate the hair trends from Milan Fashion Week; which ones will you be trying?