Best Hairstyles From London Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2017

It’s been a thrilling couple of weeks, what with all the awards shows and the Fashion Weeks and finally the Oscars. But the good times aren’t done yet, far from it. Today, we’re taking a look at the best hairstyles to come out of London Autumn Winter 2017-2018 Fashion Week

Antonio Berardi

Braids continue to be 2017’s biggest hair trend, and this one here from the Antonio Berardi Fall 2017 show is one of the most striking I’ve seen in a while. The main attraction here is the scruffy, open-ended fat fishtail braid. The messy texture and the unfinished bottom are integral to the look. To secure the braid without actually tying the ends close, stick a few bobby pins in at the end and cross them over to make sure the braid loops stay in place. Then backcomb a section of the hair right under the end of the braid to add some extra resistance. The smaller braids all over the crown add to the funky, unkempt vibe but you can skip these if you’re looking for a more wearable hairstyle.

Ashley Williams

The extreme hair color trend is taking a bit of a backseat in 2017, but there’s still some fun to be had. This dual-toned color job made for a punchy addition to the London Autumn Winter 2017 Fashion Week and while it’s not the most wearable hair trend, it certainly is striking. Two-toned hair color combos tend to be focused on the greyscale spectrum, balancing the striking contrast with traditional shades. And so, it’s fun to see this refreshing citrusy take on the trend. Orange hair color is shaping up to be one of 2017’s hottest hair color trends and here’s yet another way to add some sunshine to your look.

David Koma

Another designer, another braid. The point of note here clearly is the dichotomy between the braided, tightly styled half against the softer half. Half-and-half styles can look severe, but see how the stylist has blunted out the potential harshness by using a side part to carve out a smaller segment of hair for the braid? This draws attention to the braid but doesn’t let it overpower the look. With the majority of the crown –especially the hairline– devoted to the smooth, ‘regular’ side, the look remains wearable. You can continue the braid all the way down as seen on the models or just till the neck and blend the rest of the hair into a low, side ponytail or even a bun.

Huishan Zhang

Curly, messy updos are the perfect hairstyle bridal hairstyle for spring weddings. The floral shapes created by these updos is so evocative of spring-summer, you can see how they’d be a perfect fit. So you don’t have to wait till autumn-winter to recreate this look from the Huishan Zhang Fall 2017 show. There are a couple of different ways to do this hairstyle, but the easiest is to curl your hair and then just lift, fold and pin individual segments onto the crown. You can vary the amount of hair you pick up, the manner in which you fold and arrange different pieces and whether or you not fluff them out to keep the look from getting too symmetrical.

J. JS Lee

Double buns have been all the rage these past few months and if you’ve been holding out on the trend because the Minnie Mouse look or even the Princess Leia hairstyle seemed too costume-ish to sport on the out and about, here’s a more wearable but no less striking version: two big, braided buns at the back of the head, positioned at different heights. The circular curves and loops of the buns and the braids are intriguingly offset by the straight lines of the strong middle part and the fact that the two buns themselves actually sit along a single diagonal. Hairstyling is an art and like all art, it can be wonderfully chaotic as well as secretly symmetrical at the same time.  


The hairstyles from the Mulberry Fall 2017 show combined two of the season’s biggest trends: 90s fashion and the androgynous beauty trend. Pared down cuts and slick crowns are typically the stuff of gentlemen’s hairstyles but we’re moving into a whole new era of styling where we’re re-embracing classics, albeit often in brave new ways. In a sea of elaborate feminine hairstyles, we have here a stark, severe look that affords the wearer no curtain to hide behind, and thus is, in its own way, the most vivid form of beauty itself. Bring on those sharp, short side parts and quit hiding that widow’s peak: 2017 is all about powerful women’s fashions.

A strong showing at the London Autumn Winter 2017 Fashion Week; we’ll be looking at the hair trends from the Milan Fall 2017 shows next, so do check in for more later.